A House (Always Somewhat) Divided

There is ... a small ... segment of American society of a "supremacist" bent that seems forever unwilling to admit or even able to comprehend that the rest of the world is not by definition inferior or the planet Mars.

75 Years On

During the day I found my mind drifting to thinking about several of my family who served in uniform.

The Real Cowards

I open Twitter regularly to find brave retweets about not messin' with Texas, and Jefferson quoters telling us this is all invented. It's just a bit of flu, they declare. We all gotta die of "sumthin", they add...

The Biggest Foreign Policy Blunder In US History

We hear that so many desire real US international leadership. Going forward, let's actually try to provide some.‬

He Was 89

Aged 89, my father-in-law died unexpectedly early Monday morning (nothing to do with the stupid virus insofar as we know) at his home here in London.

While We Are Staying In

We should sensibly (wherever we are in the world) wash our hands more than usual and minimize human contact, and stay home if possible - especially if we feel the slightest bit unwell, particularly because this COVID-19 virus seems to be quite fatal to those over age 75. So where better for us to spend time "self-isolating" than here on the net? 🙂

These Weeks

I admit I have never so had the s-it scared out of me as I have felt at times since March. I did not even feel the same about my father's 2014 heart failure (from which he recovered), or even my mother's and my uncle's deaths in 2015. These have been the most unsettling weeks in my life.

A Healthy Experience

My wife had to have a minor (we hope) procedure and *chose* to have it yesterday rather than a weekday. She was offered the option of the Sunday appointment and we had supposed the hospital would be quieter and so it might all be a bit less stressful. "Quieter" turned out to be, well, an understatement.

Moments Of Life

I do get it. I don't live in a "la-la land"; and I believe most other people out here actually don't.

Flowers On The Edge

I entitled this post "Flowers On The Edge" at the last minute because I had felt she was much like a lovely flower and always living on the cutting edge of life - determined to live well no matter what.

Up From The Ruins

The holiday happiness all around me was not making me happier; it was getting on my nerves. I'm unhappy with certain other extended "family" so-called relationships as well. Other life issues are also frustrating me. It all became an angry jumble, bubbling under my surface as the day wore on. I was "overheating."

After A Brief “Exile”

Macmillan grumbled that life had lost a huge joy if one is unable to read. Whenever I have those moments, I understand that feeling. It's truly awful - an isolating and even lonely feeling - being unable to enjoy a book.

Shouting For Help Into The Internet Void

I thought, too, that she seemed to be about my niece's age - in her young 20s. To feel/be so "alone" in her view of the world at that age as to even remotely consider doing that to herself? Her whole life ahead of her? With the whole world out there?

Request To My Followers: Please Visit This Woman’s Post

Let's keep her busy. Please consider following her and commenting. Please like her post. Let's make her phone buzz endlessly.

To Each Of You

From the outside, often it looked cool and glamorous (I remember sitting star-struck at him once telling me about meeting Sean Connery)...