The Biggest Foreign Policy Blunder In US History

We hear that so many desire real US international leadership. Going forward, let's actually try to provide some.‬

In Your U.S. Passport: Place Of Birth

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a 2002 law compelling the Department of State to allow U.S. citizens born in Jerusalem to have their passport note their place of birth as Israel. Although President Bush had signed that bill into law, he refused to carry it out. President Obama continued that refusal. The … Continue reading In Your U.S. Passport: Place Of Birth

Our Warmest (And Coolest) Feelings: 25 Countries

USA Today tweeted this yesterday: I enjoy polls such as that one. And that one makes for something of a change too. Usually it's about who hates us. 😉 Back in September, shortly after the poll was originally released, the Vox site elaborated: Seems those attracting the "warmest" feelings are those we would have expected. … Continue reading Our Warmest (And Coolest) Feelings: 25 Countries

And Something About Llamas?

While I was working yesterday, I did what I normally do: I had Twitter open to the side on my iPad. I check it occasionally. Usually I do so when I stop for a writing break, but sometimes I just glance over at it. That latter is a bad habit. What a strange "social media" … Continue reading And Something About Llamas?

English Town

A Sunday aside: Here's "English Town" from "North," by Matchbox Twenty: We saw the group perform here in London, at Wembley Arena, in September, 2003. I remember the show was supposed to have taken place earlier in the year - back in late March. However, they canceled that performance at the last minute and rescheduled … Continue reading English Town

U.S. Diplomacy: 1793 v. 2014

First, a brief recollection of an infamous early event in U.S. diplomatic history. In 1793, while William Short and Gouverneur Morris were negotiating in France and Spain, across the Atlantic the (mis)behaviors of one Edmond-Charles Genêt were besetting the new American republic at home. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, France's representative in the U.S.: ....soon exceeded … Continue reading U.S. Diplomacy: 1793 v. 2014

“Disengaging” From “The World”?

On one hand, we had heard for years that the U.S. was too engaged; it was the world's policeman, or the world's cowboy, or the imperialist. On the other hand, we had been told, and continue to hear, that the U.S. must be prepared to intervene anywhere, anytime, within, apparently, minutes. All that is worth … Continue reading “Disengaging” From “The World”?