The Final Act?

Having sat through Skywalker, I found myself by the end nonetheless once again largely feeling left flat about a sci-fi/fantasy effort and wondering what all the fuss is about. I asked myself why SPECIFICALLY that might have been so about this film...

“Before you call her, and I know I’m just the author…”

POWERFUL STUDIO EXECUTIVE: "It is fantastic. She'll be perfect. I've got her cell. I'll see right now if she'll do breakfast next week..."

Have You Ever Felt Like “An Idiot?”

After seeing that "Best Picture," and skimming the online reviews about how "great" it is, I sat there last night seriously thinking this novel I'm finishing should probably be my last...

Out To The Ball Game

Cricket and baseball may have evolved from the same source(s), but they are now distinctive games and are in fact national cultural emblems of sorts.

Those Immortal Letters Of Transit, Signed By…

But does he really say "de Gaulle?" Lorre there is hard to understand. It does sound as if he says "de Gaulle," but he somewhat mumbles.

“If you want to test a man’s character…”

Much is being revealed now about the predatory sexual behaviors over the years of a famous and extraordinarily powerful film producer...

A Dangerous Fantasy

I stumbled on this by British author and historian Leanda de Lisle on Twitter yesterday:

Worried Novelist Walks Through Hitchin

Almost there. Actually, "there" is one of my multitude of tiny problems. 130,000 words and at the point where major changes are essentially impossible, I'm fussing now over single words and individual - but not quite exactly what I wished they were - sentences. It is that maddening creative moment when you the writer are … Continue reading Worried Novelist Walks Through Hitchin

“There’s The Girl”

A bit of an "unserious" post at times. It's Wednesday. A brief change of pace. We sat through Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, on Sunday night. I like science fiction. I like superheroes. I like being entertained. But while watching too often I found myself asking: What the heck is going on? The … Continue reading “There’s The Girl”

The Most Serious Action Of All

Our Christmas house guests have returned to London. They landed at Heathrow several hours ago. Fortunately, they got on the upstate New York roads and down to Newark Airport yesterday before...the snow hit: So we're not really going anywhere today. And we have a few days of "peace" ahead here before we too have to … Continue reading The Most Serious Action Of All

The Holiday (Film)

What a ludicrous hour to be awake on a Sunday. We're going to church early. Like many of you, we've been spending the weekend preparing for Christmas: Last night, we took a break and watched The Holiday: And if you want to get a reaction from your friends and others on Instagram, just mention The … Continue reading The Holiday (Film)

“Why are you all saying ‘Casablanca’ so funny?”

While I'm here in the Catskills, Mrs. Nello is on a short trip to Morocco on airline business. She'd never been to the country before; and I've never been either. Based on what she's seen of it so far, she told me by Facetime last night, she thought I'd like it. The destination for her … Continue reading “Why are you all saying ‘Casablanca’ so funny?”

“A black statue of a bird”

Yesterday was, I know, not the type of post you expect here. It's Saturday. Let's smile. Okay, I want you to name a classic film.... ...No, no, hang on, not that one. Come on, I mean the title is right there! What kind of "challenge" is that? It isn't one, of course. However, that photo … Continue reading “A black statue of a bird”

From The 17th Century Roof Space

Well, I got through sorting out all of the major furniture. Everything makes some "sense" now in the new house. All that remains are boxes here and there - and there are still quite a few. But the weekend is approaching, and it is starting to look like our home. Having again had enough of … Continue reading From The 17th Century Roof Space

Password Change “Specialist” Arrives

Like you, we've heard about the horrors in Brussels. We were sitting at London's Gatwick Airport early on Tuesday when we read on the net what was happening in Belgium - minutes before boarding a flight of our own. However, since our departure, except for flashes courtesy of the expensive data on our phones, we … Continue reading Password Change “Specialist” Arrives