“Often I have gazed at that painting…”

When I realized I would write another novel of that era, I decided to try something of a "gamble" for that next novel: I would this time put faces on the cover(s).

Three Points

I have only to look at the origin countries of my daily visitors. Often I find myself asking, "Who are you? Why are you here? I have never sold a book in your country (insofar as I know)?" Usually I never learn the answers to such questions.

Those Literary Treasures

Hello from upstate New York!

Twenty Years On

A mere seven years ago, in early 2012, most of you had never heard of me and I knew of almost NONE of you (who did not know me already in real life).

Quays And Reads

On Saturday morning, they suggested we all head to Gloucester Quays, which is about 20 minutes' drive from their house. It is a newish - including partially indoor - outlets shopping area in Gloucester, on the riverfront.

To Calais And Back

In case you haven't noticed, I pay attention to as much as I can when I'm traveling. You never know, as a writer, what you might be able to "use" someday. 😉

“Wherever you are in the world”

When I began writing that first book in 2012, I had thought it might interest mostly Americans. There is a group of Americans - I learned as a college lecturer - who love reading books about Europe, and especially about France.

The Winds Of Change

I don't want to think about "tech," I'm trying to write books. But I will say...

Another Birthday Comes ‘Round

Yes, I will admit that today is my birthday.

Arrived In America

Hello from upstate New York! We’ve made it!

Musings On Muses

From the start of my blog here, I have been honest as to where I get lots of my books' material. It’s not usually just off the top of my head. Indeed is entirely making anything up even, honestly, really possible?

A Secret Location No More

It had been built in the 1870s by a minor "gentry" family that lived in it until the 1920s. Learning that, suddenly I wasn’t thinking about the 1940s. About now, the writer in me also emerged.

Laurels Are For (Hopefully Far) Down The Road

One other important reality I have learned in the ups and downs of writing since 2013 is this...

Ahead To Tomorrow

So that is what is coming next from me, probably during 2019.

To Blog, Or Not To Blog?

Instagram as well as other social media platforms are just not nearly as flexible or personal as a blog.