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A Taste Of 20th Century Living

Gather ’round, kids, and let me share with you a taste 20th century living. We booked our coming trip entirely using the internet: flights, accommodation, taxi. Before the internet existed, to book an airline ticket it was commonplace in those olde days to visit a business – a physical building – that was called a “travel agency.”

“Ammunition” For Debate

Even in our New York, with much stricter local gun ownership laws than Texas, I know quite a few of our rural Catskills neighbors are armed to the teeth. I use the term “neighbors” loosely because houses “nearby” are few and far between…

History: Unfollowed

Ah, Monday morning: And less than two weeks before the inauguration of a new U.S. president who has not exactly charmed half the people in the country, we need this? Yesterday, History […]

Your “X” In The Box

“Remember,” my (now late) mother lectured me some years ago, “Billy Joel said it best.” “Huh,” I recall replying, “I’m afraid to ask about what. Something about Italian restaurants?” He being another […]