We can probably nearly all of us use some escape. Reading is always certainly one means. We would also probably ALL love to get away physically to SOMEPLACE ELSE right now too.

“If no one would want to shoot you…”

Would anyone out there want to shoot me? Of course, I'd rather not actually be shot.

Every Life Has Consequences

If we think our life has no consequences, we are absolutely wrong. It has more consequences to more people than we realize.

This 1994 Cast

"Fiction" is almost never entirely "fictitious." As my uncle once told me: "Fiction comes from fact, and lots of fact makes great fiction when you re-write it as fiction." (I want that in my obituary. 😉 )

That Name

The Sun Also Rises is said to be probably his best novel. Interestingly, too, it is his first. (Not something most writers wish for themselves.)

Ultimately, It’s About “Forever”

Other than writing blog posts, I've had my head buried in Distances over the last few days. I'm getting bleary eyed. If I find another stupid typo, I may lose it. Desperately needing breaks, I've tried now and then also to read (catch up with, may be more accurate) some blogs. The other day, I … Continue reading Ultimately, It’s About “Forever”

It’s Not A 40 Hour Week

The more book you write, the more you need to remember, and the more you have to keep together. Working through the first sequel, I'm juggling several families, as well as multiple locations in three countries: the U.S. and France again of course, and this time Britain too. Subplots blend together, or they may not. … Continue reading It’s Not A 40 Hour Week

Hemingway Wasn’t Home

We stopped by Ernest Hemingway's yesterday. Uh, but he wasn't in. However, here's his front door and his study: And, wow, his swimming pool looked too inviting on a 90F+/30C+ degree day in Key West!: Although I suspected one snark it was more than likely to draw from the significant woman in my own life, … Continue reading Hemingway Wasn’t Home