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A Birthday Reply

I always remember also that some years ago she had cornered me and joked about my books: “I’m not one of these women am I?” You are not either, by the way, just to set the record straight. Even if you are, I’m not admitting it. Your husband would kill me. LOL!

This Is Not A “New Normal”

As a teen I utterly hated having to read such books: all they usually did was cause me to roll my eyes in disdain and disgust… and if forced to read any in school I did my best just to get through it to satisfy the teacher…

Review: “The Witcher”

In lockdown, and knowing my youngest nephew – he is recently age 18 – is a fan, and realizing it will give us something new to talk about with him by Facetime, Saturday night we decided to watch the first episode of the latest apparent “craze” on Netflix…