“The Devil’s Mistress”

All things considered, even if she had flopped across the pond that would have been far better for her: Miss Baarová should indeed have gone to Hollywood.

This Is Not A “New Normal”

As a teen I utterly hated having to read such books: all they usually did was cause me to roll my eyes in disdain and disgust... and if forced to read any in school I did my best just to get through it to satisfy the teacher...

From Me To You

Over these same six and some years, I have myself almost given up on writing three times... and could have similarly disappeared from here too.

“Thinking Out Loud” (For Today)

"It's okay. Take a breath. I don't need to know all about Aunt Esther in Amsterdam just yet. We have all evening and a second date too perhaps, and maybe a lifetime even."

Review: “The Witcher”

In lockdown, and knowing my youngest nephew - he is recently age 18 - is a fan, and realizing it will give us something new to talk about with him by Facetime, Saturday night we decided to watch the first episode of the latest apparent "craze" on Netflix...

Where We Should Be

Where we should be is HOME, wherever HOME happens to be.

Today At The Silent Movies

In posting all of those silly captions, clearly I have lost my mind...

Writers: Don’t Mess With The Holocaust

The historical Nazis were more than bad enough, so one hardly needs to invent anything when it comes to portraying their sadism and violence...

(International) Friends

I was not going to write anything for another novel for at least six months. But when an idea hits, you have to write it down... because otherwise it may vanish from your mind never to be heard from again.

Pre-Birthday London

My birthday present.

Have You Ever Felt Like “An Idiot?”

After seeing that "Best Picture," and skimming the online reviews about how "great" it is, I sat there last night seriously thinking this novel I'm finishing should probably be my last...

The Americans In The Shires

"What do you think of Meghan?" I was recently asked by a woman barber. "She's a harmless actor now playing the role of a lifetime," I chuckled...

Visions Of The Future

What this program is to me is yet another reminder as to why I groan at dystopic visions of the future; I consider them dangerous particularly to kids' and teenagers' life outlooks.

Oh, Daenerys

I have never been gripped by tales set in murky purportedly kinda ancient Celtic or Scandinavian locales, where magic pops up, that are populated by people wearing furs who look like they haven't ever cut or even combed their hair, or washed in the last decade...

What Do You Think They Know?

Occasionally the American featured celebrity tracing his/her family tree comes across as - much as I hate to say this - worryingly clueless about wider history and lives lived prior to the present.