The Quest For “The Double”

At my mention of Fitzgerald, my wife smiled and turned to my nephew (with me sitting right there) and declared, "He [meaning me] has a Fitzgerald fixation currently."

(Switch On) Location Services

Travel - particularly when engaged in relatively young - is certainly one activity that helps create life experiences. It enables a building up of a personal bank of events and interactions. You will almost certainly find that pile of memories useful eventually if you turn to writing.

In A Long Ago “1804”

By the way, "time travel" is NEVER historical. NEVER! I don't care how many books of it are sold.

Imperial War Museum, Duxford

With our two better halves busy yesterday, another husband (and a friend) and I went off to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford (I suppose, as guys might do when left to their own devices), which is just south of Cambridge...

A Tale Of Three Flights

I had not been on AA internationally for at least 20 years. Everyone I met was pleasant. Indeed the perpetually smiling cabin crew all seemed named "Ashley" or "Brett" and sounded like they were from South Carolina.

Pre-Birthday London

My birthday present.

That Insta-Pianoforte

A "spirited" online discussion is one thing, but NEVER be libelous... or, well, stupid in what you write. Think before you post anything. I am sure you know seemingly EVERYONE is now on social media somewhere - including, uh, your employer, or your desired future employer, or that college you so hope to attend. You NEVER know who will see what you post...

What Not To Read, And What To Read

Read that masterpiece again. The nature of those who follow her and whom she also follows are essentially a problem for her now. I am a problem, I see?

Twenty-Nine Hours In France

We decided to do it on the spur of the moment. On Tuesday, we booked a hotel and reserved a ferry there and back. On Thursday, we headed from Dover to Calais to have a night away not far from Calais, in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

My “War And Peace” (Uh, No… Wait)

After doing this four times previously I have come to learn this is always that moment where I feel I have finally achieved something tangible.

These Weeks

I admit I have never so had the s-it scared out of me as I have felt at times since March. I did not even feel the same about my father's 2014 heart failure (from which he recovered), or even my mother's and my uncle's deaths in 2015. These have been the most unsettling weeks in my life.

The Americans In The Shires

"What do you think of Meghan?" I was recently asked by a woman barber. "She's a harmless actor now playing the role of a lifetime," I chuckled...

It’s A Long Way To Saratoga

History is all around in England. I feel almost foolish; that I should have known this, but somehow I had missed it. I'm at least glad I discovered it now... rather than later.

A Healthy Experience

My wife had to have a minor (we hope) procedure and *chose* to have it yesterday rather than a weekday. She was offered the option of the Sunday appointment and we had supposed the hospital would be quieter and so it might all be a bit less stressful. "Quieter" turned out to be, well, an understatement.

Returned To England

A bit of history. A bit of romance. In my humble opinion, it doesn't get any better.😊