Agatha’s Place

On Saturday we visited crime/mystery writer Agatha Christie’s (1890-1976) River Dart house in Greenway, Devon, not far from the port town of Dartmouth.

The Inevitability Of Change

So it is a new era now in some ways. Change is inevitable in life.

A Week In Devon

We drove down last weekend to Devon, in the southwest. For the week we rented an Airbnb from a lovely couple who have turned a surviving 16th century shell of a one-time stone barn into a three room cottage...

This Darkness

THAT is yet another tiny and necessary reminder, the sort of one that is offered up while alone and in despair and may never be widely seen...

The Silence Here

Talking about a new book seems somehow trivial and inappropriate just now...

Truth And (Often Actual Deadly) Consequences

Because writing is so solitary, I like to chat on here. I have been you may know doing that since late 2013.

“The Rule Of One”: One For Them, But Another For Everyone Else

Even though vaccinated and boosted, we - my wife and I - stay home EVEN NOW as much as possible.

“The hardest bit”

To me the hardest bit of writing is when I have to sit back and state: "I think it's finished now."

State And Church In The USA (Yet Another Subject That Needs To Be Better Taught In School)

She reminds me of former students of mine who saw something they did not like and were glibly sure they had an "easy" answer. (Because, you know, no one ever considered THEIR idea before, right?)

And When Darkness Descended…

It was like Lord of the Flies. We - almost all boys - carried eggs and shaving cream to attack other boys for whatever reason. I went out one year with comedian Steve Martin's arrow through my head as my entire costume...

Train, City, Cathedral, Swans, And A Spanish Princess

We were out and about on Saturday with friends from Bristol. One had never been to Peterborough. We told him, well, he ain't lived until he had seen Peterborough.

The Entertainer

By the way, I swear if you ever publish or "mine" from one of my emails here, I will murder you...

She Was 90

Her parents came over in the 1920s from what is today the Republic of Ireland. She had also spent some of her childhood back there, including some of early World War II, under the care of an aunt. To the end of her life, those childhood years living in Ireland were special and happy memories for her...

Those 2,500 Words

Look, I know it's not perfect. Wow, are you a pain in the you know what. I wrote it in three days, for goodness sake.

Horses, Sails, And Walking

I threw together that draft map of some locations that will be in the coming book thinking a version of the map may appear in that book - the first time I will have published such an "aid."

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