State And Church In The USA (Yet Another Subject That Needs To Be Better Taught In School)

She reminds me of former students of mine who saw something they did not like and were glibly sure they had an "easy" answer. (Because, you know, no one ever considered THEIR idea before, right?)

How To Make Friends

There seems to be a misunderstanding among younger people about the nature of friendship and how friendships arise.

A Hill I Am Willing To Die Defending

Hi everyone. I just wanted to offer these authoring thoughts on this overcast and rainy Sunday English morning...

“Biden For America”

There is no reasonable doubt whatsoever that U.S. voters want Joe Biden to become president, and from today he shall be for four years...

The History Decree

That ignoramus who does not know one of the most basic facts about the history of the presidency actually has the nerve to lecture professional historians that he knows what constitutes "patriotic" history.

Freedom Of Speaking

My concerns are family and friends and even an employer, but those are PERSONAL. If I don't face prison for my opinions, I have freedom of speech.

This Fourth

In 2020 as Americans yet again we are extra-engaged in reflecting upon what we were and what we are, what we believe, whether we really act on what we state we believe, and how we may put such beliefs into better practice.

An Education

For as presumably one of "those" charged with having "conspired" to "hide" distasteful stuff about American history and politics from eager to learn young people fully committed to the ever-sponge-like soaking up of the past, and who could not be torn from the library bookstacks, this evidently needs stating plainly.

“25” Strangers?

Writing fiction thankfully still escapes ... efforts at "standardization" and "formalization" and must always.

Welcome To The United Kingdom, Meghan (Repost)

Appropriate today, I think for a "repost." Aside from the very end, I originally posted what follows on November 28, 2017...

Lessons Of An Earlier Time

What is going to become of our Kindle (and other e-readers) books a couple of generations down the road? Will a twenty year old born "50 years" from now even be able to access a "2019 tech" produced e-book?

Flowers On The Edge

I entitled this post "Flowers On The Edge" at the last minute because I had felt she was much like a lovely flower and always living on the cutting edge of life - determined to live well no matter what.

Now, Listen

The more I write, the more I feel what I write is often a product of what has happened to me that I could not entirely control - memorable people, unexpected events, new ideas, and intriguing experiences and exchanges. All of us also occasionally feel ignorant, out of our depth, and even stupid...

The Inexorable Passage Of Time

Remember this too. When we're younger, we are often more challenged by what we believe to be older people's "narrow-minded" and "old-fashioned" opinions. Someday, though, *you* will also be the older relative your younger relations will almost certainly consider out of touch and maybe even batty...

To Challenge Ignorance

In a restaurant in 1939 Germany, thirty-ish American foreign service officer "Leslie Slote" and young American twenties-something expat "Byron Henry" - who had just returned from the chaos of Poland during the German invasion weeks earlier - fall into discussing anti-Semitism...

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