The (Kindle) Afterlife

As Kindle book buyers we tend not to think about this unsettling question: "What happens to all of my Kindle books after I die?" Well...

A New Digital Day: iBooks, Nook And More

I've again been spending way too much time in the eighteenth century. (An American and an Englishman walk into a Paris coffeehouse in 1792 and meet an Irishman...) Our present always needs looking after. Specifically, the published "1990s" present, that is. Since 2013, I've been "cocooned" at Amazon. No more. I'm spreading my digital wings. … Continue reading A New Digital Day: iBooks, Nook And More

E-Books Are Here To Stay

Have you read any good books lately (besides any of mine)? 😉 If so, on which "platform?" E-book or paperback? Thus tweets the editor of the New York Times Book Review. Some replying have questioned it, pointing out for instance that it is just one year, and also that many e-books are "overpriced" by large … Continue reading E-Books Are Here To Stay

The Local Library

Technological evolution is a constant in our lives, of course. For example, we all well-know how writing and publishing has been changed dramatically by the appearance of e-books. That newest technology, we are also told, seems sure to end print books as we know them. But I remain skeptical. Yesterday, we happened to stroll by … Continue reading The Local Library