This Is Not A “New Normal”

As a teen I utterly hated having to read such books: all they usually did was cause me to roll my eyes in disdain and disgust... and if forced to read any in school I did my best just to get through it to satisfy the teacher...

I Can Do “Dystopian”

I have decided I may have to give in. "Dystopian" and "fantasy" seems all that we are supposed to be writing as authors. It appears I need to take the plunge...

How To Win Friends And Influence People?

That is an example of why I feel political and social belligerence on my blog or other social media is inappropriate. (I came THAT CLOSE to unfollowing that person on Instagram, but decided I would not.)

Losing The Plot

What the hell happened? Every successive film now seems to move it increasing light years more away from 1977's Mark Hamill, Sir Alec Guinness, and crowd... and not in a good way.

Welcome To “Dystopia”

Have we forgotten a "dystopia" is a "not-good place"?