The Inevitability Of Change

So it is a new era now in some ways. Change is inevitable in life.

Hurdles Of Pandemic Travel

Hello! I know I have been quiet this past week. Let me explain: We are in New York, in the Catskills, at our house here, and have just completed a "mini-quarantine" under New York anti-Covid guidelines for arriving travelers.

“The Devil’s Mistress”

All things considered, even if she had flopped across the pond that would have been far better for her: Miss Baarová should indeed have gone to Hollywood.

Write Your Book

Who is real historically in that "letter?" And who is not? It should not and does not matter.

What matters is they should all read as REAL.

So Many Novel Thoughts

I had not planned it this way. This turned into a long and in-depth post, and if you don't want to stick around I fully understand. If you choose to do so, as you scroll down I hope you find parts interesting and maybe even offering some "advice" to you if you write too.

Me, Myself, And The Catskills

My father and my sister came up to the Catskills with me on Sunday. They returned home to Pennsylvania this morning. So for some weeks to come... I am home alone in the Catskills.

“How should an author respond? Don’t”

Having seen it unfold over the last two days, based on what I've learned over the years I wanted just to offer Ms. Avon some minor support. I did so in three quick tweets...

Roamin’ In Wyoming

Following Yellowstone, we had headed to the incredible Tetons...

From Yellowstone

The real reason we are here in the US: my niece and nephew wanted to go to Yellowstone Park. Months ago, we said, “Sure.”

The End Of A Visit

Oh, and what do authors discuss in private messages? Hush, hush, secret writing stuff, of course.

Those Literary Treasures

Hello from upstate New York!

The Americans, Always The Americans

Through media and social media non-Americans tend to see way too much of the US of the extremes: yapping politicians, Kardashians, people waving guns around, poverty, racial discord, hurricanes, wildfires, religious "fundamentalists" who seem to dislike everybody who isn't their sort of Christian, and a slew of negatives on a near-endless list; or they see glitter that dazzles them: gorgeous national parks, Florida beaches, Las Vegas, snowy mountain retreats, cool New York City, Hollywood, shopping, and much more.

This Inspirational Region

It was a pleasant week in upstate New York's Catskill Mountains, just outside of Windham. We did some necessary work inside of the house. We are returning to England on Saturday, so we are now with my father, visiting him at his house in northeast Pennsylvania.

I figured it was a good time for another blog post.

Nearly 17 Years After

Post-9/11, I’d not really wanted ever to go back. I avoided the area in the years since 2001. But - with our visiting British friends here - finally I felt it was time.

Arrived In America

Hello from upstate New York! We’ve made it!

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