Why The Regular Blogging?

I feel that (for me at least) regular blogging is a useful social media activity because I find social media is actually not very good to us authors.

Reaching Out From The Isolation

I told my Instagram friends that they should not listen to comedians and others; that in these terrible times in particular they should post pretty much whatever they damn well want to post if it makes them feel a little better.

Where We Should Be

Where we should be is HOME, wherever HOME happens to be.

In The Neighbo(u)ring County

We had a friend from Ireland spend the weekend with us. When all know that when friends and family visit, we all have to play host. So, on Saturday, we headed a few miles over into neighbo(u)ring Cambridgeshire...

Dear Reader: What Is In My Name Is Me

Novel-writing is not, for me, some sort of group project, and I will NOT pretend I think otherwise.


Having taught non-native-English speaking international students too, I witnessed how some aspects of English especially baffled them: knowing my novels would be available most anywhere, I wanted my books also to be accessible...

What Friends And Followers Might Do

So, yes, I hope there will be another volume.

“Oh, shoot, did I post this to WordPress?”

Oops. I thought I was writing an email? But I was using WordPress? Gee, it's good I have nothing to hide from you guys... LOL!

The “Right” To Write

No novel is meant to address an entirety of anything.

Set To “Private”

It was disgraceful. It was also a punch in the face reminder of what I had despised about Twitter and why I had decided to back away from it some years ago.

Around The “Water Cooler” Again

So today here is more - some of it lighthearted - from fellow authors on Twitter... as they (I am taking a rest after finishing a 600 page novel, and I admit I am not writing currently) again gather around the authors' office's "water cooler" to gab (when it appears at least some of them, uh, should be nose to the grindstone and writing)...

“Adults” Only, Please

Shush... don't even mumble the words "new adult" please.


One major thing as a writer I have come to learn: “five” people can read the same exact passage and each will come away with a takeaway uniquely theirs and perhaps even one I had never much considered.

How I Decide If I Want To Read A Book

I rejoined Twitter in August because it intrigued me in terms of possibly helping me locate new writers. I like to read serious ones who don't have thousands of "phantom" (or perhaps bought) followers and are sincerely blogging/tweeting...

With Our Twenties On The Horizon

One big thing I would also like to see in our "lost generation" roaring twenties is a genuine authoring nod to human reality and even weakness.