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Something To Say

March 5, 2018
R. J. Nello

There were awards handed out in California last night. I knew it was this weekend, but had forgotten about it. Shortly after I awoke this morning, opening Instagram… suddenly… I remembered…


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From England, the time difference with Los Angeles is eight hours. So the Academy Awards are presented in the middle of the night here. Most of us normal people cannot sit up to watch.

Over the weekend, I’d also had other issues closer to home to think about too: vital to my own personal life. Top of the list? My eldest nephew – the once little kid who used to sit on the lounge floor with us and eat pizza as we watched Star Wars films “15 years ago” – on Saturday officially graduated from Oxford University:

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Why “Maxwell” (For Now)

May 31, 2017
R. J. Nello

Some of my favo(u)rite bloggers appear to change their templates sometimes weekly. (And you know who you are – you travel and fashion bloggers!) It dawned on me early yesterday that I had not changed mine in about, err, 3 years. That’s a *lifetime* in social media.

I suppose I liked the consistency of having a site which usually looked much the same to visitors – comfortable and predictable. I liked to offer some stability. The world may be spinning out of control out there…but, well, fear not, my blog had looked the same since 2014!

But, alas, all change is inevitable in life. And there was always a risk of becoming “stale,” too; and of course I wanted to head off that possibility. I took the plunge:

Screen capture of one of the revolving headers.

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Welcoming All Readers

May 13, 2016
R. J. Nello

I’m discovering that joining Instagram was one of the better social media moves I’ve made. It’s quick and visual, and we all do like that. I should’ve signed up to it ages ago.

Screen capture of Instagram.

Screen capture of Instagram.

Thus how we learn. Using Instagram has also reinforced something else to me. Instagram is mostly photos, whereas a blog like this is naturally mostly words.

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“Chaque mercredi soir”

June 15, 2015
R. J. Nello

I got quite a bit of inspiration over the last few days. So I want to get on and write. No “big” blog post this morning.

But this is probably much better anyway. I thought I’d share it with you: Parisian Audrey Lisquit’s blog. As she describes it:

C’est une petite pépite déposée chaque mercredi soir. Une petite parenthèse pour sourire, rire, prendre confiance.

It’s a little nugget filed every Wednesday evening. A small parenthesis to smile, laugh, gain in confidence.

Yesterday she published a translation of an earlier post. Normally, she writes in French. If you can handle some, she’s funny and sharp and worth following:

Screen capture of one of Audrey's posts.

Screen capture of one of Audrey’s posts.

I hope you have a good Monday [ugh, Monday, I know], wherever you may be. 🙂


UPDATE: June 18: Last night, Audrey posted a translation of another post. Here’s “An American in Paris” in English. Enjoy.

Do You Fancy Them Maybe A Little Bit?

June 15, 2014
R. J. Nello

Twitter wants to know why do you follow those you follow?:

Twitter knows whom you follow. But Twitter does not know why you follow them. So the company [is] doing something fairly straightforward—and, for a tech company with reams of data bout its users, unlikely: It’s asking. Politely.

The same question could be explored here on WordPress. So let’s.

For starters, I’d like to follow more than I do. But I don’t follow for following sake; I like to read what writers/bloggers actually write. So I have to control myself in following or I’d find myself overwhelmed with reading.

Generally, I follow those who strike me as interesting and honest and real. I usually read lots of a blog – including the “About Me” – before following. (Do you do the same?) There’s so much junk and spam out there, some judiciousness is required.

Overall, do you follow in hopes those you follow will follow you back? Or is it because you really like what he/she blogs and don’t care about a follow back? Or is it, uh…. because maybe you’ve developed, urr, an “online crush”?


On that last one there, behave yourselves. No passing notes under the desks. Yeh, you know who you are. They’ll be detention… 😉

Hope you’re having a good weekend. 🙂

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