“Often I have gazed at that painting…”

When I realized I would write another novel of that era, I decided to try something of a "gamble" for that next novel: I would this time put faces on the cover(s).

Musings On Muses

From the start of my blog here, I have been honest as to where I get lots of my books' material. It’s not usually just off the top of my head. Indeed is entirely making anything up even, honestly, really possible?

Laurels Are For (Hopefully Far) Down The Road

One other important reality I have learned in the ups and downs of writing since 2013 is this...

Ahead To Tomorrow

So that is what is coming next from me, probably during 2019.

“So his friends open restaurants for him?”

Are you more of an introvert or more of an extrovert?

The Quest For “Magic”

Writing fiction is not about adhering to someone else's lists of 10 or 20 or 99 ways to do this or that. In fact, it's often the opposite.

The Final Post For 2017

Happy New Year, wherever you are in the world.

An “Open Letter” To Friends

I wish to have a polite US politics rant. Please bear with me. Normal blogging here will return another day. 🙂 * * * I write this as a friend. I see too much of this from you on Facebook and other social media. It is embarrassing. Stop it. I am disgusted with labeling opposition … Continue reading An “Open Letter” To Friends

Our World According To Travel Posters

As a writer, words mean a lot to me; but often artwork can tell a convincing story too, of course. Over on Pinterest, I've found some links to "vintage" travel posters, and given you're here I thought you might get a smile out of them. It can be fun reflecting upon how destinations have long … Continue reading Our World According To Travel Posters

The Young Man On “The Fringe”

There comes that moment when you are finished writing for yourself, and you have to share the total of your effort. I've reached (and possibly even passed) that point now. Last night, Conventions went to she who has been a wonderful "critic" since I began this writing endeavor in 2013. So she has the "biggest" … Continue reading The Young Man On “The Fringe”

“He doesn’t love me as I love him…”

For today's topic - the obvious one. I've found that writing romance is one of the most difficult things to get right as an author. It is too dangerously easy to produce sappy, or unrealistic, or simply unbelievable relationships. It is also easy to poke fun at romance writing. However, if you try to write … Continue reading “He doesn’t love me as I love him…”

In The Eye Of The Beholder

One of those year-end lists is out. I'd not heard of this one before. Clearly the title is meant to grab your attention - and it did mine. BuzzFeed has 32 - I won't even hazard a guess as to why that odd number is chosen - of the "most beautiful book covers of 2016": … Continue reading In The Eye Of The Beholder

The Full Story

It's chilly up in the 17th century roof space office this morning. Air got into the radiator, and I just "bled" it. Until it warms up, I've set myself up downstairs here at the dining room table... I always keep my manuscript planned covers within view as I work. A bit of writer "superstition" maybe. … Continue reading The Full Story

“Like jazz on a summer’s day”

A year ago today - October 12, 2015 - my novelist uncle (and my godfather) died. Incredibly, my mother would follow her brother on October 26. It has not been a "good year." But my recent personal "trials" had actually begun a year and some earlier: on February 2, 2014. On that day we were … Continue reading “Like jazz on a summer’s day”

The Gallery Is Open

Having some "artistic" fun this morning messing around with the Prisma app. A photographer friend on Instagram loves it. I thought I'd give it a play myself. I've run a few photos through it. These first two may (I hope!) look familiar to you. I used the app to "artwork" the original front and back … Continue reading The Gallery Is Open