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“Spring Break” Abroad?: Don’t Get Carried Away

“Spring Break” Abroad?: Don’t Get Carried Away

The State Department's "@TravelGov" Twitter feed got into some social media trouble because of a single tweet on Wednesday. After attempts to explain it to several offended, irate tweeters, the department gave up and simply deleted it a couple of hours later. The New York Times caught it before it was removed: Those tweeters, and … Continue reading “Spring Break” Abroad?: Don’t Get Carried Away

For Instant Happy Woman?

For Instant Happy Woman?

While cat sitting for friends last month, I'd noticed this coaster on their dining room table. I photographed it because, being a man, I'm not entirely sure how to take this: And it made me chuckle. We saw them again last night; they have just moved house temporarily until they move permanently to Cambridge in … Continue reading For Instant Happy Woman?

Grown Ups Only

Grown Ups Only

As you may know, the Mad Men TV show is ending. As you may also know, it is a favorite of mine. Having watched the first of the concluding episodes, and also having this week rewatched on DVD some from the first season/ series as well (how young they were!), led me to reflecting on … Continue reading Grown Ups Only

Confessions Of A Morning Person

Often I'm writing as the sun rises. I may have Classic FM playing softly in the background; or I may have nothing going at all and just revel in the silence. Whatever underscores it, for me there's a special quality to early mornings before much of the rest of my own time zone awakens. Now … Continue reading Confessions Of A Morning Person

Bath, A Birthday…. And Crazy People

After yesterday's heavy post, let's have some photos for New Year's Eve. With my in-laws, we took my now newly 20 year old nephew to lunch at Cote Brasserie in Bath on Tuesday. A couple of Bath snapshots: Back on Monday evening, we'd already - three of us - had a birthday brandy at home, … Continue reading Bath, A Birthday…. And Crazy People

“Characteristically Gallic”

The U.K. Telegraph reports: A French hospital is to open a wine bar for terminally ill patients in an unprecedented but characteristically Gallic way to improve their quality of life. "Characteristically Gallic." Yes, this is one of those France-sourced stories "Anglo-Saxon" media love: alcohol and the French. About the only thing that tops that is … Continue reading “Characteristically Gallic”

Happy Hour

After a dinner out on Thursday evening, we decided to have a couple of drinks in a Cocoa Beach bar that was also attached to our hotel. As we walked in, I spotted several other couples sitting at the bar talking mostly to each other; and the bartender appeared personable enough. As we took bar … Continue reading Happy Hour

American Study Abroad Students … And Alcohol

Back on Saturday, CNN reported on the death of a American college junior in Rome: A U.S. student who went missing while studying abroad in Italy was found dead inside a railroad tunnel in central Rome, police there said Saturday. Investigators are looking into the death of John Durkin, an economics major from Rye Beach, … Continue reading American Study Abroad Students … And Alcohol