Today. Malahide Castle and Gardens, Ireland: Portion of Malahide Castle: Beautiful Irish weather. Later, lunch location, Malahide: Lunch: Ha! Just kidding. Okay, about that last one there. Actual food did follow. 😉

Views vs Likes

I've recently stumbled on advice from a blogging "guru" who asserts bloggers are best served by placing their sidebar to the left side. I think his sidebar also says he's 20 years old. So clearly he must know what he's talking about! Fine. I've now moved mine from the right side to left. Okay, impress … Continue reading Views vs Likes

Take A Walk

Recently, among others, Canada's CTV reported: People who rely on walks to overcome writer's block or solve a tricky problem seem to have it right: new research shows that walking -- whether indoors or outdoors -- can encourage creative thought.... And if you own humanity's best friend, you usually have no other choice. Our dog … Continue reading Take A Walk

Head Of State

I stumbled on this in the in-laws' lounge the other day. After yesterday's post, I thought another taste of British "tradition" might be worth noting. I'd had no idea "The Lady" is still being published?: The magazine itself notwithstanding, that cover of the Prince of Wales got me thinking about this. The U.S. and France … Continue reading Head Of State

“Portraiture? A splendid idea, Mr. Selfridge.”

Here's a trip down British memory lane. My mother-in-law found a sheet of various, tiny photographs of herself taken, uh, rather a while ago. Studying them, my niece (her 16 year old granddaughter), asked, "Is that you?" We all change of course. 😉 Anyway, starting with the cover, here's the brochure. My mother-in-law was given … Continue reading “Portraiture? A splendid idea, Mr. Selfridge.”

Foul Mouths

Do Americans use foul language more than other English-speaking nationalities? I'm merely asking. Someone, someplace must have done a study? (Somebody always does a study.) I have found that while bad language - the "F" word especially - is heard in Britain of course, it does seem less common than in the U.S. However, "America" … Continue reading Foul Mouths

Time Zones

The world is more than ever a 24 hour place. Yet it is not entirely so 24 hour that you too may not have noticed a similar phenomenon. My Twitter goes relatively quiet during the U.S. overnight; but around 9am ET, as the country starts to get to work, my timeline becomes far busier. Not … Continue reading Time Zones

Manuscript “Sneak Peeks”

As you see on the top line of the blog (above the title and the header photo), I've added a "sneak peeks" page. On it - hardly surprisingly, I'm sure - I'll place all "sneak peeks" into the sequel. It makes sense that they all be in one place. For starters, I've put up the … Continue reading Manuscript “Sneak Peeks”

“Wow! Congratulations on your film deal!”

We spent much of the Bank Holiday weekend in Bristol with the friend (and his wife) I mentioned in the previous post. He has been writing a book. The basics in Word are no problem for him; but he is also a self-proclaimed technophobe. So he and his wife (she handles the internet "stuff" in … Continue reading “Wow! Congratulations on your film deal!”

The Writer’s Dilemma

An English friend has written a book. He was, he said, partly inspired by what I have done. It is also VERY different from my "relationships/ travel/ students/ expats" novel(s). My wife has read the whole of his (still very rough) draft. It is a military/ adventure tale - American WWII pilots, Nazi scientists, flashes … Continue reading The Writer’s Dilemma

A Small Tribute

While walking our dog a few days ago, I had a "brainstorm": in the sequel, in London (some of it is taking place in Britain), I would give our deceased friend Kam a literary cameo. I don't know yet if it will make the final book, but here's part of the early draft (click to … Continue reading A Small Tribute

Day At The Beach

West Wittering Beach, in West Sussex, this afternoon.... .... with a brother-in-law's Golden Retriever (we were "dogsitting" for the day), and our beloved hound, our "Springador," Dino. We were killing time there because we had driven my in-laws to a reunion. My father-in-law had been a banker on Atlantic Ocean passenger ships (such as the … Continue reading Day At The Beach

With Memories, You Always Have Material

The Times of India: Ruskin Bond, who was conferred the Padma Bhushan on Saturday, is one of the most popular and prolific English writers in India. His literary world, however, is rooted in another time and age. He talks to Shobita Dhar about the small towns and quirky people who inhabit his books.... It is … Continue reading With Memories, You Always Have Material

“I’m not being unsociable, I’m working…”

I'm finding one of my better moves has been pulling together a combination of the iPad, a bluetooth keyboard, and a word processor app that can be shifted into a standard Word document. The convenience of the iPad means it's easy to get sudden ideas into written form almost immediately. A laptop is now, actually, … Continue reading “I’m not being unsociable, I’m working…”

Women And Men As “Just Friends?”

In the car yesterday, my wife and I drifted again into reflecting on how we still find it impossible to believe Kam is gone. If you're a regular visitor, you may know our friend had died suddenly back on February 2, and that her loss has gutted us. She had only turned 45 in November. … Continue reading Women And Men As “Just Friends?”