Manuscript “Sneak Peeks”

As you see on the top line of the blog (above the title and the header photo), I've added a "sneak peeks" page. On it - hardly surprisingly, I'm sure - I'll place all "sneak peeks" into the sequel. It makes sense that they all be in one place. For starters, I've put up the … Continue reading Manuscript “Sneak Peeks”

“Wow! Congratulations on your film deal!”

We spent much of the Bank Holiday weekend in Bristol with the friend (and his wife) I mentioned in the previous post. He has been writing a book. The basics in Word are no problem for him; but he is also a self-proclaimed technophobe. So he and his wife (she handles the internet "stuff" in … Continue reading “Wow! Congratulations on your film deal!”

The Writer’s Dilemma

An English friend has written a book. He was, he said, partly inspired by what I have done. It is also VERY different from my "relationships/ travel/ students/ expats" novel(s). My wife has read the whole of his (still very rough) draft. It is a military/ adventure tale - American WWII pilots, Nazi scientists, flashes … Continue reading The Writer’s Dilemma

A Small Tribute

While walking our dog a few days ago, I had a "brainstorm": in the sequel, in London (some of it is taking place in Britain), I would give our deceased friend Kam a literary cameo. I don't know yet if it will make the final book, but here's part of the early draft (click to … Continue reading A Small Tribute

Day At The Beach

West Wittering Beach, in West Sussex, this afternoon.... .... with a brother-in-law's Golden Retriever (we were "dogsitting" for the day), and our beloved hound, our "Springador," Dino. We were killing time there because we had driven my in-laws to a reunion. My father-in-law had been a banker on Atlantic Ocean passenger ships (such as the … Continue reading Day At The Beach

With Memories, You Always Have Material

The Times of India: Ruskin Bond, who was conferred the Padma Bhushan on Saturday, is one of the most popular and prolific English writers in India. His literary world, however, is rooted in another time and age. He talks to Shobita Dhar about the small towns and quirky people who inhabit his books.... It is … Continue reading With Memories, You Always Have Material

“I’m not being unsociable, I’m working…”

I'm finding one of my better moves has been pulling together a combination of the iPad, a bluetooth keyboard, and a word processor app that can be shifted into a standard Word document. The convenience of the iPad means it's easy to get sudden ideas into written form almost immediately. A laptop is now, actually, … Continue reading “I’m not being unsociable, I’m working…”

Women And Men As “Just Friends?”

In the car yesterday, my wife and I drifted again into reflecting on how we still find it impossible to believe Kam is gone. If you're a regular visitor, you may know our friend had died suddenly back on February 2, and that her loss has gutted us. She had only turned 45 in November. … Continue reading Women And Men As “Just Friends?”

Name That Actor

We discussed TV drama - specifically mumbling - yesterday. By coincidence, how about this gem from "The Department of You Couldn't Make This Stuff Up": Mother-in-law: "Robert, you know the name of that actor who was with Elizabeth Taylor? In the 1950s?" Me: "Uh, I need a little more info than that?" Mother-in-law: "Back in … Continue reading Name That Actor

Mumbling Inn

Our friends at the BBC told us yesterday: Monday's launch episode of new BBC period drama Jamaica Inn sparked more than 100 complaints, after sound issues left viewers struggling to understand what was being said on screen. The three-part adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's novel stars former Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown Findlay. Some viewers … Continue reading Mumbling Inn

What We Encounter In “Book World”

I try to avoid negativity here. But now and then you just want to vent politely. And this has been bothering me. For over a year, I had been up to my eyeballs in my own writing effort. It was really only as I was putting the finishing touches to it last autumn that I … Continue reading What We Encounter In “Book World”

’80s French Pop

If you celebrate, I hope you've had a good Easter. You're so lucky you've stopped by today also. Because I thought I'd share some "inside info." 😉 Let's take a brief trip down memory lane. That's always fun. In the book, I allude to an unnamed performer here: Waiting, [James] fingered through VHS tapes stacked … Continue reading ’80s French Pop

“I Love New York”

I tweeted a Catskills post and photo the other day. I Love New York's official Twitter account found it, "favorited" it, and tweeted @ me: Hilarious. Always remember, you never 100% know who's going to stumble on what you have uploaded to the web. 😉

Comparative Driving: UK vs. USA

After several months in the U.S., we are again re-adjusting to British driving habits. The most famous of course is that Britain is one of those countries that drives on the left. Yes, it can initially be a bit disorienting if you've spent your whole life driving on the right; but it is not hard … Continue reading Comparative Driving: UK vs. USA

North London Flowers

Morning today, in north London: A gorgeous day. Sunny English spring days always feel just a bit more "springlike" than elsewhere. I don't know why that is. But, I admit, I'm a bit biased. 🙂