Gimme Some Space

We visited Kennedy Space Center yesterday. I had never been there before. It is "awesome" in the truest sense of the word: We had thought we might have been incredibly lucky and seen a launch. SpaceX, a private company leasing space from NASA, had delayed the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket to yesterday. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Gimme Some Space

And The Wifi Code Is….

Hello from South Carolina - on a stopover. Quick question: Have you noticed how much one aspect of routine U.S. travel has changed vastly in hotels in just a few years? It seems to have progressed sorta like this: c. 2004: "Wifi? What's that?" c. 2009: "We have wifi available in the lounge. The password … Continue reading And The Wifi Code Is….

Road Trip!

Good Morning! (5:45 ET USA.) Me, on Twitter, last night: Leaving early Wednesday morning to drive from Pennsylvania to the #FloridaKeys. After 3 overnights, we get there Saturday. Yes, we are nuts. Just getting ready to head off. Will be on the net intermittently over the next few days while on the road... Oh, and … Continue reading Road Trip!

“Americans now get soccer”

As we all know - and as the #johnbrooksforpresident Twitter hashtag reminds us - the U.S. had a big, surprise win over Ghana at the World Cup on Monday courtesy of John Brooks's dramatic goal as the game was ending. Reading Americans' reactions to Brooks's unexpected, last second header heroics, my [English] wife joked, "Americans … Continue reading “Americans now get soccer”

Fame Or Fortune?

About five years ago, we had a laugh with my English niece (now 16) and nephews (now 19 and 12) about which would they prefer: fame or fortune? At the time they said they wanted "fame." We told them you don't want fame, because you might be famous and unable to put food on the … Continue reading Fame Or Fortune?

Do You Fancy Them Maybe A Little Bit?

Twitter wants to know why do you follow those you follow?: Twitter knows whom you follow. But Twitter does not know why you follow them. So the company [is] doing something fairly straightforward—and, for a tech company with reams of data bout its users, unlikely: It’s asking. Politely. The same question could be explored here … Continue reading Do You Fancy Them Maybe A Little Bit?

My Day

Friday was a relatively ordinary day. I started early, at the PC after 6am re-reading Thursday's writing output. I then had a read of what's going on in the world, messed around on Twitter a bit, and put up a post here. Actually getting dressed and eating breakfast followed. I then tackled a few things … Continue reading My Day

Some Literary Profundity….

....courtesy of Twitter: @AdviceToWriters: Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth. KHALED HOSSEINI Hmm. Is it? Do "lies" ever actually reveal "truth"? I see it rather more this way: If your fiction is the act of weaving a series of untruths, it's ultimately a lie. … Continue reading Some Literary Profundity….

The Algonquin

I like football/soccer, but I'm not particularly grabbed by Brazil v. Croatia (which is on now). Done writing for the day too. So how about a quick post unrelated to the World Cup? In case you somehow haven't noticed, I'm a massive Mad Men fan. 🙂 If you watch it too, you may have noticed … Continue reading The Algonquin

Write! Write! Write!

Earlier, in response to a post by Cas Blomberg at her excellent novelist blog, yeh, maybe I got a bit carried away. 😉 But I think my reply ramble is worth reproducing here in full: Cas, that is a stonking good post. Much of what you write sounds familiar – especially the rewriting and “fixing … Continue reading Write! Write! Write!


The parents are now returned to Pennsylvania. I'm pretty sure they still have no clue what I've been up to. I know this because, if they did, they'd question me. (Believe me, restraint is not my mother's strong suit.) Ah, the "fun" of writing under a "pen name." 😉 So, house guests gone, calm returns … Continue reading Splits-ville?

In Kinderhook

In "I Love NY" TV ads, Hyde Park gets mentioned regularly. FDR, FDR, FDR. Always, FDR.... Yesterday, we visited the estate of the first, and thus far only, U.S. president not to have spoken English as his first language. (His was Dutch.) About an hour and a half north of Hyde Park, President Martin Van … Continue reading In Kinderhook

Travels With Pets

It's Sunday. After D-Day's seriousness, we need a break. Let's smile a bit. 🙂 My mother-in-law loves to declare, "The French are so civilised. They love their dogs." Indeed we notice there is much less fuss about our four legged friends there than we often see towards dogs in Britain and America. "No Dogs Allowed" … Continue reading Travels With Pets

Normandy, 70 Years Ago

Seventy years ago today, the Allied liberation of Western Europe began. The first paratroops had jumped in shortly after midnight, and soldiers rushed ashore on the various Normandy beaches starting around 6:30 AM. On a stretch near a small town called Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, on what was codenamed "Omaha Beach," Captain Richard Merrill, 2nd Ranger Battalion, remembered: … Continue reading Normandy, 70 Years Ago

Afternoon In The Catskills

A view of Windham Mountain, in upstate New York, just after 3:30pm Thursday, local time: You know that bit on Euronews where they do that video offered with "No Comment" thing? That. Uh, sorta. 🙂 I've suffered from occasionally absolutely cracking headaches since I was a teen. I've never really understood why: they have no … Continue reading Afternoon In The Catskills