“Do I look cool and intellectual?”

The FT has an excellent, detailed piece on "ebooks v paper": Which do our brains prefer? Now, I'm not saying I got here first. But I did devote a short post back in March to this issue: Paper Or Kindle? The answer - according to my "personal finding" - seems to be, well, uh, it … Continue reading “Do I look cool and intellectual?”

Sharing Champagne

One of them has already arrived. My wife's Irish long-time friend's mid-twenties niece took a coach to us from Orlando, via Miami. She got here to the Keys two days ago. I knew her, although not very well. As we three have spent the last couple of days together, I've discovered she's an absolute dry-witted … Continue reading Sharing Champagne

Let’s Smile

I created this site slightly more than six months ago. I've noticed I've just passed 150 posts. I've also just realized some of them recently have been disproportionately heavy reading. That was never my intention. Above the banner photo I declare that things aren't always serious here. (By the way, where was that picture taken? … Continue reading Let’s Smile

The Quest Continues….

Well, everyone, I've struck out with the first literary agent. She emailed me that she likes my books' idea (whether that's really true, who knows?), but (and but is always the operative word) added that what she had read did not "grab" her enough. She concluded - quite politely - that she must "pass." Naturally … Continue reading The Quest Continues….

Saved By Univision

Although it had shown the Algeria v. South Korea match earlier, ABC in the U.S. chose not to broadcast the U.S. v. Portugal game. Thus U.S. television network priorities. It relegated the U.S. game to cable sports channel ESPN - which is majority-owned by the Disney Company, which also owns ABC. Our rental house does … Continue reading Saved By Univision

Strangers In A Yearbook

Putting up Facebook photos of our ongoing Florida holiday (my uncle demands to see them!), and noticing those who "like" and "comment" on them, abruptly has led me this afternoon to realize I have zero contact now with anyone non-family whom I knew pre-university. Which led to this quick post. Much as I hate to … Continue reading Strangers In A Yearbook

Happy Hour

After a dinner out on Thursday evening, we decided to have a couple of drinks in a Cocoa Beach bar that was also attached to our hotel. As we walked in, I spotted several other couples sitting at the bar talking mostly to each other; and the bartender appeared personable enough. As we took bar … Continue reading Happy Hour

The Keys

Happy Sunday from Marathon, in the Florida Keys. Got here at last yesterday evening: And I could, uh, much too easily get far too used to this. 😉 Whenever we travel (in America, Ireland, Italy, France, wherever), we always find a Catholic Church and attend services locally. Doing so gets you mixing a bit - … Continue reading The Keys

Gimme Some Space

We visited Kennedy Space Center yesterday. I had never been there before. It is "awesome" in the truest sense of the word: We had thought we might have been incredibly lucky and seen a launch. SpaceX, a private company leasing space from NASA, had delayed the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket to yesterday. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Gimme Some Space

And The Wifi Code Is….

Hello from South Carolina - on a stopover. Quick question: Have you noticed how much one aspect of routine U.S. travel has changed vastly in hotels in just a few years? It seems to have progressed sorta like this: c. 2004: "Wifi? What's that?" c. 2009: "We have wifi available in the lounge. The password … Continue reading And The Wifi Code Is….

Road Trip!

Good Morning! (5:45 ET USA.) Me, on Twitter, last night: Leaving early Wednesday morning to drive from Pennsylvania to the #FloridaKeys. After 3 overnights, we get there Saturday. Yes, we are nuts. Just getting ready to head off. Will be on the net intermittently over the next few days while on the road... Oh, and … Continue reading Road Trip!

“Americans now get soccer”

As we all know - and as the #johnbrooksforpresident Twitter hashtag reminds us - the U.S. had a big, surprise win over Ghana at the World Cup on Monday courtesy of John Brooks's dramatic goal as the game was ending. Reading Americans' reactions to Brooks's unexpected, last second header heroics, my [English] wife joked, "Americans … Continue reading “Americans now get soccer”

Fame Or Fortune?

About five years ago, we had a laugh with my English niece (now 16) and nephews (now 19 and 12) about which would they prefer: fame or fortune? At the time they said they wanted "fame." We told them you don't want fame, because you might be famous and unable to put food on the … Continue reading Fame Or Fortune?

Do You Fancy Them Maybe A Little Bit?

Twitter wants to know why do you follow those you follow?: Twitter knows whom you follow. But Twitter does not know why you follow them. So the company [is] doing something fairly straightforward—and, for a tech company with reams of data bout its users, unlikely: It’s asking. Politely. The same question could be explored here … Continue reading Do You Fancy Them Maybe A Little Bit?

My Day

Friday was a relatively ordinary day. I started early, at the PC after 6am re-reading Thursday's writing output. I then had a read of what's going on in the world, messed around on Twitter a bit, and put up a post here. Actually getting dressed and eating breakfast followed. I then tackled a few things … Continue reading My Day