Name That Actor

We discussed TV drama – specifically mumbling – yesterday. By coincidence, how about this gem from “The Department of You Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up”: Mother-in-law: “Robert, you know the name of […]

Mumbling Inn

Our friends at the BBC told us yesterday: Monday’s launch episode of new BBC period drama Jamaica Inn sparked more than 100 complaints, after sound issues left viewers struggling to understand what […]

’80s French Pop

If you celebrate, I hope you’ve had a good Easter. You’re so lucky you’ve stopped by today also. Because I thought I’d share some “inside info.” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let’s take a brief trip […]

“I Love New York”

I tweeted a Catskillsย post and photo the other day. I Love New York’s official Twitter account found it, “favorited” it, and tweeted @ me: Hilarious. Always remember, you never 100% know who’s […]

Morning Mist

Happy Saturday! How about an “uplifting” photo?: I grabbed that about 45 minutes ago. I’m a “morning person,” as you may know. Even on the weekends! There’s still plenty of snow visible […]

Bogart In The Early 1940s

The previous post on “Batman in Paris” got me thinking more aboutย movies. Let’s have some more fun. My affinity for Humphrey Bogart is one my wife doesn’t entirely share. She understandsย his appeal. […]

“Batman in Paris?”

We got back yesterday from a visit to my parents. While there, the other night we all watched The Dark Knight Rises, starring Christian Bale. And, to be honest, we’re all still […]