Paper Or Kindle?

We hear the future belongs to e-books. Paper will vanish. The next generation will look at us oldsters and ask sheepishly, “You really remember what it was like read from paper?” Although […]

Customer Support

I’ve finally stopped laughing long enough to post this. I just witnessed my wife’s attempting to get a straight answer to a “simple” question from her new U.S. mobile phone provider. It […]


Currently Russians constitute one of the largest immigrant groups to the U.S. Today’s influx began with the first arrivals following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991-1992. At that same time, […]

Ski Runs

Starting Friday a bit early, and I thought I’d post this. Yesterday was a gorgeous Catskills day. I grabbed a photo of Windham Mountain ski resort, looking up from the car park, […]

It’s A Nightmare

Yesterday morning we were told our girlfriend’s ashes will be scattered on March 10. Busy with other things in recent weeks, I had forced her death (mostly) to one side, trying not […]

Why We Author What We Do

My wife has always been a big fiction reader. Sometimes it’s relationship/ romance, but recently it has been mostly crime novels. You’d recognize the authors, I’m sure. In comparison, I usually approached […]

Language Barriers

On February 24, I noted CNN’s report on the tragic death in Rome a couple days earlier of U.S. study abroad student John Durkin. The 21 year old college junior’s body was […]

A Benefit Of Experience

Researching facts is straightforward enough. But imbuing invented characters with a “three-dimensionality” that leads readers to picture them not as cardboard-like cutouts, but as real people? Accomplishing that latter is far more […]