Day At The Beach

West Wittering Beach, in West Sussex, this afternoon…. …. with a brother-in-law’s Golden Retriever (we were “dogsitting” for the day), and our beloved hound, our “Springador,” Dino. We were killing time there […]

Name That Actor

We discussed TV drama – specifically mumbling – yesterday. By coincidence, how about this gem from “The Department of You Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up”: Mother-in-law: “Robert, you know the name of […]

Mumbling Inn

Our friends at the BBC told us yesterday: Monday’s launch episode of new BBC period drama Jamaica Inn sparked more than 100 complaints, after sound issues left viewers struggling to understand what […]

’80s French Pop

If you celebrate, I hope you’ve had a good Easter. You’re so lucky you’ve stopped by today also. Because I thought I’d share some “inside info.” 😉 Let’s take a brief trip […]

“I Love New York”

I tweeted a Catskills post and photo the other day. I Love New York’s official Twitter account found it, “favorited” it, and tweeted @ me: Hilarious. Always remember, you never 100% know who’s […]

Morning Mist

Happy Saturday! How about an “uplifting” photo?: I grabbed that about 45 minutes ago. I’m a “morning person,” as you may know. Even on the weekends! There’s still plenty of snow visible […]