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For Summer Today, The World Of Then…

I blog here; but I’m not really a blogger. I'm here because of a decidedly different kind of writing. I'm here for my novels...


Have You Learned To Fly A Broomstick?

I don’t know any Harry Potter fan who believes that author J.K. Rowling considers her fiction and entertainment-meant writings of magic wands, flying broomsticks, and quidditch competitions, as aiming at teaching and converting them as readers to her sect of "witches." Or maybe I'm wrong?


I Can Do “Dystopian”

I have decided I may have to give in. "Dystopian" and "fantasy" seems all that we are supposed to be writing as authors. It appears I need to take the plunge...


What Are You Reading?

Considering myself "harshly" in that way, from the outset I have felt I am not particularly "representative" of male fiction writers of the present.

General, Tomorrow The Grace

Five Years On

Whenever I am finishing and OTHERS will now shortly have to read it, once again I start to have pre-publication terrors. I can't help but think: What if I'm too close to its writing trees and I have failed to see the reading forest?


The “Magnum Opus” Continued (I Hope)

I may have even shredded them... which, for an historian, I guess makes me a terrible person and even a vandal. (That said, thinking about it now I may have a paper copy of Distances in a box in the Catskills, where I had finished writing it in 2015.)


Weekend In Olhão

Olhão, on Portugal's Algarve coast, is more than worth a visit if one ever gets a chance. We have stayed here these last few days...


“Eyewitness” To Lives

"You seem to know lots about what Frenchwomen think," my [English] wife has teased me more than once. Actually, no, I don’t believe I do...


Not Far From Faro

We are in Portugal. We arrived on Sunday in the Algarve, on its southern coast. Our first stop was four days near Tavira, which is not far from Faro.


Visions Of The Future

What this program is to me is yet another reminder as to why I groan at dystopic visions of the future; I consider them dangerous particularly to kids' and teenagers' life outlooks.


“If no one would want to shoot you…”

Would anyone out there want to shoot me? Of course, I'd rather not actually be shot.


You’ve Got “1998”

Suddenly, I was back in the 1990s again. It was almost eerie. Immediately I remembered another Meg Ryan film I'd seen in 1995... and someone else's then reaction to it...


Now This Fifth

I fully understand now why some authors do go loopy or worse - and especially when embarking on a several years' long writing effort.


Oh, Daenerys

I have never been gripped by tales set in murky purportedly kinda ancient Celtic or Scandinavian locales, where magic pops up, that are populated by people wearing furs who look like they haven't ever cut or even combed their hair, or washed in the last decade...


How To Win Friends And Influence People?

That is an example of why I feel political and social belligerence on my blog or other social media is inappropriate. (I came THAT CLOSE to unfollowing that person on Instagram, but decided I would not.)