When You Are @-ed

He thought reading reviews is usually unhelpful to a writer. Bad reviews are likely to discourage you without actually providing much help for future writing; on the other hand reading good ones might go to your head and bring on a sense of complacency.

The Role Of A Writer

Many of you I know have never visited the United States of America. Regardless you may still be interested in what people there may think, or may have thought (perhaps passionately), especially behind closed doors…

Losing The Plot

What the hell happened? Every successive film now seems to move it increasing light years more away from 1977’s Mark Hamill, Sir Alec Guinness, and crowd… and not in a good way.

School Daze

Earlier I had noticed that my in-laws (who were out for a time) had a copy of Passports, my first book of that trilogy, sitting (sort of hidden, behind a picture frame, but still easily visible) on a chest of drawers in the entrance hall.

“If truth be told…”

On Sunday, a writer on Instagram “tagged” me asking me to explain myself: “If truth be told.” Hmm. I don’t normally do tags. However, she’s a good Instagrammer and writer, so I decided I would this time.