The Lone Writer Posts

I am sure I am not alone in how I have found that, since the March "lockdown," I am spending more time on social media than ever.

By The Book

I knew a Frenchwoman with diabetes and more than once she did that right in front of me, so it ended up in one of my novels.

The Names

I try to make names properly reflective of a time and place. It’s never easy. Sometimes I just see one somewhere, or on someone, and I have an “Ah ha!” moment.

An Education

For as presumably one of "those" charged with having "conspired" to "hide" distasteful stuff about American history and politics from eager to learn young people fully committed to the ever-sponge-like soaking up of the past, and who could not be torn from the library bookstacks, this evidently needs stating plainly.

“25” Strangers?

Writing fiction thankfully still escapes ... efforts at "standardization" and "formalization" and must always.

A House (Always Somewhat) Divided

There is ... a small ... segment of American society of a "supremacist" bent that seems forever unwilling to admit or even able to comprehend that the rest of the world is not by definition inferior or the planet Mars.

First Visit To The Café

Looking to talk writing, it seems #writingcafe is a new hangout. I had a look there recently.

“Happily Ever After” (Not)

I don't think we demand "happy endings" as readers nearly as much as endings that make some sense.

That Ugly Past

That is in 1861 in Georgia. It was a time and a place that unapologetically practiced RACE-based SLAVERY of blacks. So why is anyone actually ever surprised today that the novel and the film are both full of racism?

Cristoforo Or Cristobal Or Christopher

I cannot suppress an uncomfortable feeling that we are seeing the police-reforming consensus and impetus largely evaporate due to becoming divided by and distracted by yet another public debate over monuments and - far worse - a spray-painting and statue-smashing orgy that even ends up defacing a Gandhi statue.

Why The Regular Blogging?

I feel that (for me at least) regular blogging is a useful social media activity because I find social media is actually not very good to us authors.

No Whisky Before Nine

I‘m just finishing a cup of tea as I’m writing this. And no, there’s no Cognac in it: it is tea. Anyway seeing that Twitter question YET AGAIN feels like playing that whack-a-mole game...


We can probably nearly all of us use some escape. Reading is always certainly one means. We would also probably ALL love to get away physically to SOMEPLACE ELSE right now too.

I Dissent

If you support him, I apologize. But this is my considered opinion after four years of him. I do not write this lightly.

This Is Not A “New Normal”

As a teen I utterly hated having to read such books: all they usually did was cause me to roll my eyes in disdain and disgust... and if forced to read any in school I did my best just to get through it to satisfy the teacher...