Daydreaming (When You Should Be Writing)

And, of course, when it comes to starring in your film adaptation, let's not forget the women. In my mind, if I think about it, uh, yes, I would love to see...

How I Decide If I Want To Read A Book

I rejoined Twitter in August because it intrigued me in terms of possibly helping me locate new writers. I like to read serious ones who don't have thousands of "phantom" (or perhaps bought) followers and are sincerely blogging/tweeting...

In A Long Ago “1804”

By the way, "time travel" is NEVER historical. NEVER! I don't care how many books of it are sold.

The Presents We Give

Bearing in mind they were written for adults - but back when adulthood arguably began in the mid-teens and not at today's "18" - my suggestion is teens might be started with a few "classic" books and Christmas is a great excuse to buy wonderful hardcovers as presents.

“Sitting at my desk this morning here in England…”

Sitting at my desk this morning here in England, I recall I opened in 2012 by starting a novel that early on was meant basically to be a "one and done" effort: “four” people out there would read it and I would forever after proudly display it on a bookshelf as my “great literary” achievement...

“Advice To Writers”

"Advice to writers" my foot. Hemingway pointed out in flippin' 1928 in a letter that what worked best for him was when he wrote what he knew about. Good grief, it's not exactly an obscure quote or unknown belief of his.

With Our Twenties On The Horizon

One big thing I would also like to see in our "lost generation" roaring twenties is a genuine authoring nod to human reality and even weakness.

The “Worth” Of (Your) Writing

"Everyone writes books now": In an innocent and not nasty way, an elderly aunt said that to me a few years back. In a way, she was right.

Thanks For (Giving) The Advice

I blog here for those who like to read (or I hope will want to read) my novels, and unless they have found me first through Instagram, and more lately, Twitter, this site is their introduction to me as an author.

The Keyboard “Seduction”

Let's be honest: Who wants to read a book by a mope who tweets about their "failures"?

“Before you call her, and I know I’m just the author…”

POWERFUL STUDIO EXECUTIVE: "It is fantastic. She'll be perfect. I've got her cell. I'll see right now if she'll do breakfast next week..."

To Pass The Word

"You know I don't read this period history mush, but I know you like it for some reason." LOL!

One For The (Not Yet) Book(s)

I decided given she has so many followers and was so clearly knowledgeable as an author, that I really needed to read at least a sample from one of her novels. I went over to Amazon and typed in her name and clicked...

A “Review” That “Spooks And Horrifies” Too

Endings are, uh, I think, reasonably important to us as readers. I am of course interested in what will happen (or why would I be reading the book in the first place?), but I don't really want to know how a book ends... until I get to the end.

(International) Friends

I was not going to write anything for another novel for at least six months. But when an idea hits, you have to write it down... because otherwise it may vanish from your mind never to be heard from again.