Expat Or Immigrant?

NPR is wondering about the difference between “immigrants” and “expats”: Project Xpat: When Do You Become An ‘Immigrant’? Indeed, what is the difference? Opening the piece, NPR asks a Mr. Horn for his definition; he is a 35 year old American in Kazakhstan “teaching a course called Global Perspectives.” Clearly he would have a view, […]

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Here, in mountainous upstate New York, we got about 12 inches (30 cms) of snow last night. Currently, we can’t even hope to get down the drive. We’re waiting for a plow. While we are, how about a photo? A quiet street in Pléneuf-Val-André, Brittany, taken in summer 2010: A rather different climate. P.S. Thanks […]

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Cover Up

Aside from writing, the toughest call to make is probably settling on a cover. An “eye-catching” cover is vital. Initially, though, I had no idea what I wanted, so choosing one started with a process of eliminating what I felt I did NOT want. I realized almost immediately I did not want models. Frankly, when […]

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A Lonely Trade?

I have read numerous accounts by writers about how “lonely” writing can feel. You are sitting there before the PC, alone with the page, alone with your thoughts. The lack of an out of home workplace, and the stimulation of colleagues – including annoying ones – leaves you feeling isolated. But I can say that, […]

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An Experiment

An experiment: tell select friends and family you’re writing a novel. After surprise diminishes at the statement (meaning, if you have never hinted previously you wanted to undertake such an endeavor), be prepared to hear this question asked by someone (or more than one someone) at some point: “Am I in it?” And your answer […]

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