Conventions: The Garden At Paris

“When I think back, often it seems not real. I ask myself: ‘Did you actually live, indeed, live through somehow, such happenings?'”

With U.S. independence secured, at the urging of his father twenty-one-year-old Robert Rutherford sails for Europe in 1787 to seek new business for the family firm. Surprised by his warm receptions from pre-war associates of his father in France and in England, he is drawn into life in both countries.

What the New Yorker had thought would be a period of travel evolves into residence. His twenties begin to disappear and a faraway America is kept alive for him mostly through letters from home and encounters with other Americans in Europe. The unexpected onset of revolution in France – and particularly its “reign of terror” – challenges him in ways he had never before even imagined possible. What will be the fates of his friends and loved ones?

“What does America think of all that is happening?” – Duke de La Rochefoucauld

“I wish to know. Father says not. Are there Indians where you live?” – Carolina

“It seems to me clear that Mr. Morris is the gentleman whom President Washington wishes to succeed Mr. Jefferson.” – William Short

“There are no more peasants. No more serfs. I have land. I have honor.” – Pierre

“A revolution that ties up and casts a girl into a river to drown and laughs?” – Henry

“De certains droits inaliénables. What does all of this really mean?” – Marie-Thérèse

“They searched and found no guns! I am the American minister!” – Gouverneur Morris

“Remove your hands from my wife this very instant. If you don’t, I’ll slit his throat, and then I’ll kill you.” – Robert

“Recently, there was a village festival. It is remarkable here. Nothing reminds us of the Revolution.” – Rosalie de La Rochefoucauld

Conventions: The Garden At Paris is a sweeping romantic and historical drama set in the often harrowing times that gave birth to our modern world.

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