PUBLISHED: “Tomorrow The Grace”

Lives... lived amidst the end of a thousand year way of life and the arising of a new in one country, the struggle to preserve the independence of another, and the consolidation of an entirely new one - a distant and strange place across the ocean calling itself the United States of America...

A Novel Is Forever

If criticism of your writing goes with the authoring territory, it may drive you bananas when someone lectures you as to why you have written that novel and what you mean by what is in it.

My “War And Peace” (Uh, No… Wait)

After doing this four times previously I have come to learn this is always that moment where I feel I have finally achieved something tangible.

On This Fourth Of July 2019

To my fellow Americans, wherever you are in the world, Happy Independence Day. 🙂

It’s A Long Way To Saratoga

History is all around in England. I feel almost foolish; that I should have known this, but somehow I had missed it. I'm at least glad I discovered it now... rather than later.

Five Years On

Whenever I am finishing and OTHERS will now shortly have to read it, once again I start to have pre-publication terrors. I can't help but think: What if I'm too close to its writing trees and I have failed to see the reading forest?

Returned To England

A bit of history. A bit of romance. In my humble opinion, it doesn't get any better.😊

Weekend Amidst The Trees

I had one of those writing moments early on Saturday morning here at my dad's house too. These things often hit us in the middle of the night. Actually... in that case I mean about 4 o'clock in the morning.

No, You CANNOT Always Be Writing

I always think when I see such a meme or assertion: “If you actually do believe that rubbish, you’ll learn that you can't do it. I have.”

“Hello to you in 1801”

Television is a form of mass theater that is sent invisibly into homes and viewed on an object that looks something like a window and is hung on a wall; whilst Twitter is best characterized to you I think as appearing on interactive television we call "the internet" and it much resembles the graffiti one sees scrawled by angry mobs anonymously on walls in Paris and in Rome.

Twenty Years On

A mere seven years ago, in early 2012, most of you had never heard of me and I knew of almost NONE of you (who did not know me already in real life).

A Plaque On The Wall… For A Writer

Don't groan. I know you find that all rather obscure history stuff. But I find it fascinating, okay. And you never know when you might find it useful knowledge...

“What is happening at home?”

I thought once again about how learning history is, yes, about broadly knowing "big events"; but more important is drilling down to contextualize them and seeking better to understand those lives lived before ours.

Moments Of Life

I do get it. I don't live in a "la-la land"; and I believe most other people out here actually don't.

The Unique You That Is You

We are truly UNIQUE as an author, really, only with our first published work. After that, while naturally we hope to grow and to improve, we will unavoidably always include aspects of the same again and again.