“Just write that Austria lost”

“Just write that Austria lost”

Long-time singer/ performer Madonna has readily admitted she's interested in "being provocative and pushing people's buttons." Presumably this rates as another effort at being so. The Guardian: ....Speaking to French radio station Europe 1 in an interview ... Madonna said “antisemitism is at an all-time high” in France and elsewhere in Europe, and likened the [...]

Thoughts To Start This Week

You may have noticed the new template. I really like how "clean" this one is. It's very easy to read, and the rotating banner photographs make for a nifty feature. Just saw this myself the other day. Given recent events, that "France" has moved up to be my top tag is probably not a huge [...]

Bath, A Birthday…. And Crazy People

After yesterday's heavy post, let's have some photos for New Year's Eve. With my in-laws, we took my now newly 20 year old nephew to lunch at Cote Brasserie in Bath on Tuesday. A couple of Bath snapshots: Back on Monday evening, we'd already - three of us - had a birthday brandy at home, [...]

On The New York Subway

On The New York Subway

My father - he's feeling excellent now, post-surgery; the implant is working well - sent me these photos that were supposedly taken on the New York City Subway. They're obviously making the rounds. Some appear to be from other mass transit sources, but most do appear to be from New York. I have no idea [...]

Bits And Pieces

The title of this post has to do with clearing up a few loose ends. Hopefully, that will also not be what our sofas are reduced to by the end of today. Why? On short notice, our friend desperately needed someone to watch her Devon Rex cats for 24 hours. And guess who she thought [...]

Give Thanks

Yesterday, sitting around the kitchen table chatting, my Dad (who has never been out of the U.S.) raised the issue of Qatar hosting the World Cup. He thought it was amazing it would be held there. I said it's not; many visit the Gulf states every year, including millions of Europeans. Without thinking, I happened [...]

“Good grief, that’s just embarrassing….”

Writing, you are your best critic in some ways. If something bothers you as you re-read, it's definitely not quite there. As in everything in life, listen to that little voice inside you. I had a moment like that yesterday. It was only a few lines, but it just didn't read quite as I wanted. [...]

English Countryside Views

I spoke with my father in Pennsylvania last night after he'd gotten the results of his heart test on Thursday. In August, he had been ambulanced to the hospital with only 15% heart function. It is now, three months later, up to 26% - thanks to medication, exercise, a much reduced salt intake, and totally [...]

At The 68th Floor

Did you see this yesterday? Wherever we are in the world, because of the net we all see most everything now. CBS 2 TV in New York was one of the mass of global media covering this, which fortunately ended well: Two window washers, who became trapped on a scaffold near the 68th floor of [...]

A Desk…. Eventually, I Hope

My desk has arrived! And after opening the two large boxes and laying out the numerous parts to attempt to prepare to construct it (tomorrow, because I can't face this now, today), I became firmly convinced that one level of Hell must consist of the damned spending eternity being compelled to put together ever more [...]

Wiltshire Wildlife

Time for a West of England wildlife photo: The other day, he made me jump when I looked out over the sink through the kitchen window. I snapped this photo right afterwards. He kept looking at me. He reappeared yesterday, scratching at our sliding glass door. Obviously he thinks this house - which we've now [...]

Genius Will Not Be Rushed

One of my proofreaders emailed me last night asking, essentially, "Where's the book?" She wants it. Actually, she wants it "yesterday." I tapped back hurriedly that it's almost ready for her review. Really! I will admit here I was at one chapter again tinkering last night. I've extra-wrestled with this one, and fought with it, [...]

The Local Library

Technological evolution is a constant in our lives, of course. For example, we all well-know how writing and publishing has been changed dramatically by the appearance of e-books. That newest technology, we are also told, seems sure to end print books as we know them. But I remain skeptical. Yesterday, we happened to stroll by [...]

“Messaging” Over Wine And Brandy

Now, this is English: We'll soon be in our new place in Trowbridge. I snapped that silly photo yesterday nearby in Bradford-on-Avon. B-o-A is a town that's absolutely worth visiting. B-o-A is hardly alone. Lots of towns in England are worth visiting. Sometimes, it's hard to know where to start. Here's the view outside our [...]

Trent Country Park Obelisk

On a rainy English - near Bristol - Monday, how about a photo taken about 22 hours ago, on a sunny Sunday on the edge of London?: The inscription on the base (somewhat above the flowers left on the ground; I have no idea who had left them or why) reads: "To the memory of [...]