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“God, she’s younger than my daughter!”

My HarperCollins novelist uncle was messaging with me on Saturday. He'd just spoken to my mother (his sister) about my father's pending heart surgery. He also dropped in yet more authoring advice: On Facebook, as you can see, he's not always exactly, ummm, a wordsmith. His first novel appeared in the early 1980s; and he … Continue reading “God, she’s younger than my daughter!”

It’s So Profound, It Should Be Shown On BBC 4

In working to finish Frontiers once and for all, I've vowed not to spend too much time on the net over this weekend. I have had quite a few new followers in recent weeks. [Hello!] If you're interested in what on earth "makes me tick," and haven't seen it, a couple of months ago I … Continue reading It’s So Profound, It Should Be Shown On BBC 4

Have Desk, Will Finish

As I noted yesterday in a comment, yes, the desk's finished: Now, two things of immediate importance need sorting out, although not necessarily in this order: 1) Thomas Jefferson needs a picture hook. 2) Frontiers needs finishing! I'm a borderline obsessive about a "perfect book." Of course, we all know there's no such creature. But … Continue reading Have Desk, Will Finish

Marketing, Uh, Explained

Emma Suleiman shared this silliness yesterday on Twitter. It's so good, I can't not share it here too. Click here, or on the photo itself, to follow the link to the full, "9 point, explanation": Women work in marketing too, of course. Leaving aside that "his take" is decidedly, uh, "man-sided," it may still make … Continue reading Marketing, Uh, Explained

A Birthday Remembrance

As you know, I didn't get Frontiers finished in time for publication today. I had fought to make today (which was slightly earlier than I had planned) in memory of one of the real-life inspirations for my novel(s) - although I never told her that (and never would have). However, she'd known I was writing … Continue reading A Birthday Remembrance

“Delays, delays, delays”

For some reason, among all my London commuting on trains or in traffic I clearly remember one episode years ago of being stuck on the Underground's Piccadilly line in north London. As the train waited motionless for what seemed like interminable minutes just outside a station (it was probably Arnos Grove), the driver came on … Continue reading “Delays, delays, delays”

I’ll Do It My Way

Currently, I'm seeing lots around WordPress about something called "National Novel-Writing Month," also known by its hashtag #NaNoWriMo. I have to admit I've paid scant attention to it. I've never been a "contest type," and I'm wary of distractions. I finally looked at the web site, and realized quickly enough I didn't need another writing … Continue reading I’ll Do It My Way

“Woman’s name omitted”

Given what my uncle had messaged me recently about my perhaps writing a "cozy mystery" novel, I'm now really pleased I'd soldiered on with that Frontiers chapter I'd struggled with getting "right" for months. Whew. Apparently it was worth the effort. One proofreader has emailed me that she was floored by it: Wow!.... (Woman's name … Continue reading “Woman’s name omitted”

Beware Too Many Cooks

You may recall I posted recently about a Messenger exchange I'd had with my uncle in which he'd suggested to me that I could write "a cozy." When he did, I almost split my sides laughing. I wouldn't know where to begin with a crime novel of any sort. I've always suspected he sees me … Continue reading Beware Too Many Cooks

Customer Experience

In proofing Frontiers, I am re-discovering that qualitative reading "difference" between print and e-books. Both versions have their pluses and minuses, and I still maintain I would not chuck out print books in exchange for e-books. E-books have their role, but they are not everything. I do final corrections by reading the paperback proof, scribbling … Continue reading Customer Experience

Here’s The Proof

Drumroll please.... It arrived yesterday afternoon. The first paperback copy! Here it is!: You may know you've written 100,000 words. And you may see it on a screen. However, it never seems quite real and legit until you finally see your struggle in print. (To me, anyway.) Oh, and here they are, posing together: I … Continue reading Here’s The Proof

The Soundtrack

Yesterday, while I was doing more unpacking (after that heavy post), I had my iPhone playing background music. Mostly, I was conscious of it only occasionally. In fact, at one point, I'm sure it must've repeated "No Reply" by the Beatles at least three times before I noticed. I suppose I was just humming along. … Continue reading The Soundtrack

In Her Memory

Following on from yesterday, some "insider" info. If you've been stopping by since February, you may know. They were not idle words: I am going to do it. She will have her own page among the front matter: The cameo appearance has made it into the tale as well. I've left everything I could on … Continue reading In Her Memory

The Initial Unveiling

Well, the full sequel is now "out there".... being looked at for the first time by others besides myself. This may be even more of a "story shocker" for them than the first book. It is also making the "proof read" rounds in a far more complete form than did the series opener. Bracing myself … Continue reading The Initial Unveiling

T. J. On The Wall

A late in the day post, relatively speaking, from me, I know. It's just that our domestic broadband just went "live," and I'm taking advantage of it over a cup of coffee. After over a week "in the internet wilderness" (restricted only to spotty and at times even totally unusable mobile broadband), I feel I … Continue reading T. J. On The Wall