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Fame Or Fortune?

About five years ago, we had a laugh with my English niece (now 16) and nephews (now 19 and 12) about which would they prefer: fame or fortune? At the time they […]

The Algonquin

I like football/soccer, but I’m not particularly grabbed by Brazil v. Croatia (which is on now). Done writing for the day too. So how about a quick post unrelated to the World […]

In Kinderhook

In “I Love NY” TV ads, Hyde Park gets mentioned regularly. FDR, FDR, FDR. Always, FDR…. Yesterday, we visited the estate of the first, and thus far only, U.S. president not to […]

Travels With Pets

It’s Sunday. After D-Day’s seriousness, we need a break. Let’s smile a bit. πŸ™‚ My mother-in-law loves to declare, “The French are so civilised. They love their dogs.” Indeed we notice there […]

Normandy, 70 Years Ago

Seventy years ago today, the Allied liberation of Western Europe began. The first paratroops had jumped in shortly after midnight, and soldiers rushed ashore on the various Normandy beaches starting around 6:30 […]

The Outsiders

The New York Times, being the New York Times: Britain’s New Immigrants, From Romania and Bulgaria, Face Hostilities I write “being the New York Times” because the piece chatters, but ultimately leads […]

Plane Courtesy

Back on Friday, we were on British Airways, which we almost always fly internationally (save for Ryanair). This flight was on a 777; that’s what BA uses to Newark (although they are […]

When Americans Meet

Yesterday, I discussed romance at 39,000 ft over the Atlantic. Today, we return to earth. Uh, “foreign” ground, to be specific. Since Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, oh, and John and Abigail […]

In-Flight Romance

A Wandering Aramean post yesterday brought back a travel memory. His article was about a woman on Southwest inexplicably choosing the middle seat right next to him in the window seat – […]

The War On Spam

Usually spam is pretty obvious. But there are those times it is somewhat less so. Likely spammers are also getting better at it in trying to trick us. I note that because […]