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R. J. Nello

Author: “Conventions: The Garden At Paris,” “Passports,” “Frontiers,” and “Distances.” British Airways frequent flier. Lover of the Catskill Mountains...and the 1700s. New novel of 1797-1805, "Tomorrow The Grace," due out in September 2019.

Mood Music

Regardless of whether one is writing history or penning a novel, when delving into the past achieving “authenticity” is absolutely necessary. It is vital to fix your readers firmly on that era. […]

Spouse Or Country?

International marriages have become pretty ho-hum in the last two decades or so. My (English) wife and I have laughed with two sets of Danish/English married friends about how there also appears […]

Back To The Routine

Yes, I am becoming more and more like my uncle…. ….Uh, to clarify, I mean only in the writing routine’s sense! 😉 Full-time authoring is work as assuredly as any other job. […]

Bottom Places

I”ve shared my personal “top places” list. We all like to talk “best.” When we travel, we tend not to seek out “the worst.” But what about “bottom places”? Uh, I knew […]

Top Places

We all have destinations we like. But settling systematically on a list of cities/ locales we’ve visited/ lived that we like the most? That may not be all that easy. Restricting my […]

Paper Or Kindle?

We hear the future belongs to e-books. Paper will vanish. The next generation will look at us oldsters and ask sheepishly, “You really remember what it was like read from paper?” Although […]

Customer Support

I’ve finally stopped laughing long enough to post this. I just witnessed my wife’s attempting to get a straight answer to a “simple” question from her new U.S. mobile phone provider. It […]


Currently Russians constitute one of the largest immigrant groups to the U.S. Today’s influx began with the first arrivals following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991-1992. At that same time, […]