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R. J. Nello

Author: “Conventions: The Garden At Paris,” “Passports,” “Frontiers,” and “Distances.” British Airways frequent flier. Lover of the Catskill Mountains...and the 1700s. New novel of 1797-1805, "Tomorrow The Grace," due out in 2019.


In the previous post, I noted offhandedly I consider the novel generally to be “historical fiction.” Valerie Holmes then pointed out in a comment that there are narrower genres (“romance, thriller, crime […]

“Ici, pas là”

When in 1978 Buffalo Bills head coach Marv Levy called a referee an “over-officious jerk,” Levy had unwittingly coined an expression that by now has entrenched itself in the American vernacular. It […]

Lost In Translation

It has been widely reported that France’s socialist president, François Hollande, has been having an affair with actor (and socialist), Julie Gayet. (She is some twenty years younger than he is.) Unsurprisingly, […]

A Rare First Edition

How about a Tuesday laugh? In The Big Sleep, private eye Philip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart) walks into what looks like an ordinary bookshop, but which he knows is really a front for […]

Strangers In An Airport

Christmas “flying season” is ending once again. Airports are among the most remarkable crossroads of our times, aren’t they? In them, regularly we encounters strangers transiting…. to wherever. Yet rarely do we […]

“About Me”

I have put up a proper “About Me” page. For some reason, I had neglected to do so before now, but I don’t really know why. Regardless, that oversight has been rectified […]