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R. J. Nello

Author: “Conventions: The Garden At Paris,” “Passports,” “Frontiers,” and “Distances.” British Airways frequent flier. Lover of the Catskill Mountains...and the 1700s. New novel of 1797-1805, "Tomorrow The Grace," due out in 2019.

“Batman in Paris?”

We got back yesterday from a visit to my parents. While there, the other night we all watched The Dark Knight Rises, starring Christian Bale. And, to be honest, we’re all still […]


….no, no, I don’t mean Revenge the TV show. Although, I will admit, I like that show. It’s utterly ridiculous, and I suppose something of a guilty pleasure. What I mean is […]

Thanks For Sharing

I just wanted to “share” that I’ve noticed that the number of my posts “shared” to other social media – Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc. – has “exploded” in recent days. My little […]

Quick Take 7: “Maki”

Having already met Russian MBA student Lena, during the first week of classes Isabelle stumbles on another international student…. __________ A Spanish major, and now a senior, Japanese Maki has been at […]

The Mass Of The Iceberg

Here’s another thought for another day. It’s from the same source. (My wife.) Different from yesterday’s, though, this one is actually serious: That graphic is sooooooo accurate. Back now to laboring on […]


Some blog “housekeeping” to note. I have updated – mostly, added – to my two earliest “character snapshots”: those of Virginie and Valérie. Compared to the more recently composed ones, as the […]

Passage Of Time

Don’t mind me. It’s Sunday. I’m just thinking out loud here a bit (yet again). 🙂 A year ago, as I was writing, I had a different chapter opening the book. But […]