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R. J. Nello

Author: “Conventions: The Garden At Paris,” “Passports,” “Frontiers,” and “Distances.” British Airways frequent flier. Lover of the Catskill Mountains...and the 1700s. New novel of 1797-1805, "Tomorrow The Grace," due out in 2019.

Dealing With Prejudice

Sky News, yesterday: Footballer Nicolas Anelka could face an FA investigation after he celebrated a goal with a controversial gesture linked to anti-Semitism in France. These matters tend to play out somewhat […]


I snapped this photograph of Pope Francis at a Wednesday audience in St Peter’s Square in September. I am probably the proudest of this photo of any I have ever taken. I […]

Love Scenes

Yes, yes, there is s-e-x in the novel! There. Okay. So have I gotten your attention? 😉 Presumably, intimacy in a story revolving mostly around 20-somethings is not going to induce reader […]

Expat Or Immigrant?

NPR is wondering about the difference between “immigrants” and “expats”: Project Xpat: When Do You Become An ‘Immigrant’? Indeed, what is the difference? Opening the piece, NPR asks a Mr. Horn for […]


Here, in mountainous upstate New York, we got about 12 inches (30 cms) of snow last night. Currently, we can’t even hope to get down the drive. We’re waiting for a plow. […]

Cover Up

Aside from writing, the toughest call to make is probably settling on a cover. An “eye-catching” cover is vital. Initially, though, I had no idea what I wanted, so choosing one started […]