Frontiers: Atlantic Lives, 1995-1996

He wanted to go places. Now he can without you. And once they’ve been meandering around Europe, they ain’t gonna be happy living off 25A again.”

What we truly desire is too often unclear even to ourselves….

A year that began lightheartedly in a Long Island college class, ended on a frightening note. In Frontiers, we are once again in Lorient, Paris, New York, as well as now in London and farther afield. Isabelle, James, Valérie, Virginie, Mark, Béatrice, Stéphane, Natalie, Lena, and others – including James’s crime novelist, philandering Uncle Bill – are back. What lies ahead?

Frontiers leads us through 1995-1996, continuing the story begun in Passports: Atlantic Lives, 1994-1995. As in that first volume, R. J. Nello’s poignant fiction gracefully weaves history into the ongoing tale. Once again we share the travels, drama, romance, joys and sorrows, facing friends, families, and lovers, on two continents.

“We think in different languages, it is true. But love is a warmth in the soul.” ~ Lena

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Copyright © 2014 by R. J. Nello



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