An Unhealthy “Distraction”

I had a health scare back on January 4. The problem had developed slowly in only the previous few days, but I suddenly felt terrible and realized I needed outside help; it seemed to be getting worse and was we thought possibly even life-threatening. The Mrs drove me to the emergency room.

It was a complicated check at the hospital, yet I was back home in about only 4 hours. It was not what I had feared it might be – but there were still questions. I felt almost fine as of yesterday, but I still had to have a planned follow-up scan yesterday as well…

[Photo by Karolina Grabowska on]

After checking in, I was seen and done with the scan in about 30 minutes, and I now await the result. Here, I just want to add that the British National Health Service, usually referred to by its “NHS” initials, is the best. What wonderful people – from reception all through the nurses and doctors: they all deserve raises.

All the stress of going to the hospital and concerns about what might be the diagnosis, NOT made even worse by fear of a bankrupting bill – we just walked out both times when the doctors/nurses said I was done, and that was that.

I have said it many times before in the 25 years I have lived here. I won’t stop saying it. Americans have been fed an endless line of negative propaganda rubbish about the NHS that too many at home now unfortunately actually believe.

[On Slapton Sands beach promenade, looking toward Start Point. January 2, 2023.]

I wanted to post this today because I know I am not usually “gone” from here with no explanation for over a week. Also, and as you may have guessed, rather distracted by all that I have not done any new writing since before my last post.

On a lighter actually writing note, however, I also came across this late yesterday on Instagram and thought it was worth sharing here:

[From Instagram.]

People: “What is your story about?”

Me: “A twenty-one-year-old New York man in 1787 travels for the first time to France and England.”

All of the “writer angst” we read about is, I feel, wearyingly overdone on social media. In particular, regarding the above, I don’t get the “internal screaming” stuff there. If someone asks, I don’t find it difficult to introduce the basics of one of my novels in a single, simple sentence. LOL!

Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. 🙂


  1. Totally agree with your last point. It’s like going to an art exhibition and the first thing you get is a long drivel about how the artist ‘suffered’ for his art, went through a ‘blue period’, was treated for ‘anxiety’, etc, etc. Dear Lord, he just painted a picture, moulded some clay, stuck cardboard together. Get over it.

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