Preparations 2022

Busy preparing for Christmas now. It will suddenly be Sunday, we all know. You may be doing much the same things.

The weekend before last, I grabbed these first couple of photos down at Dartmouth harbo(u)r. Initially, as we walked along the edge of “the boat float”…

[Harbourside, Dartmouth, Devon. Photo by me, December 10, 2022.]

…we could see the town Christmas tree in the Royal Avenue Gardens.

Next, having walked by the tree…

[Town Christmas tree, Dartmouth, Devon. Photo by me, December 10, 2022.]

…I turned around and tried to get a decent shot of the tree, and the businesses and their lights, on the other side of the road.

Well, I tried anyhow.

Yesterday, we were in Exeter – about 40 minutes’ drive away – and at one point strolled by the cathedral…

[Exeter Cathedral, yesterday. Photo by me.]

…which was unfortunately obscured somewhat by the Christmas market set up around it.

Am I a great photographer, or what? LOL!

And, yes, last weekend, the lighted Christmas jumper had to come out…

[Christmas jumper, December 17, 2022.]

I call it a “one joke” jumper – meaning it is amusing briefly once in being turned on, but after a few minutes it is annoying particularly to others in the room… and I turn off the lights. LOL!

It is a new house this year – so this our first Christmas in it.

Despite it being about 10c (the Devon coast is NOT the Catskills, of course), I got a fire going in the new wood stove that we had had installed a few weeks ago…

[Dartmouth, Devon, this morning. Video by me.]

In the last week I also did quite a bit of new writing. (When “inspiration” strikes, you seize it!) And I am actually pleased with a tiny bit of it. That is how this writing stuff goes. LOL!

However, I am not ready to share any of it on here just yet. I have plenty of other stuff out there that may be read. Don’t be impatient! 😉

Unless something TRULY DRAMATIC happens, I probably won’t have another post up here before Christmas. So if you celebrate I hope you have a good one, wherever you are.

All the best. 🙂


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