Five Years To Here

I have more than a few times over the years been asked by British what I thought of “her.” The question was always framed cautiously, as if they were probing for where I stood before they felt freer to talk to me as an American. I always tried to put them at ease by replying with a laugh that she’s not related to me and I’m not on her payroll, so I didn’t care what they thought of her, good or bad.

Indeed I will say that back in 2017, there had been high hopes in the country. But that was then. Frankly, if she was actually smart she would stop trying to “explain” herself, because the more she talks the more painfully vacuous and utterly out of touch and self-absorbed she sounds (to me, anyway).

Consider this:

Good grief. Women are freezing and/or being blown up in Ukraine, and shot on the streets in Iran for not covering their head properly, and the sad list could go on. Meanwhile that one above has the unmitigated gall to say she was “fed to the wolves” and we are actually supposed to take that and her seriously.

One hardly knows where to begin…

For starters, that she is an American and (supposedly) well-educated and proved so clueless in coming to grips with what would be required of her in marrying into the British royal family, is nothing short of astonishing and an utter embarrassment. (And I don’t buy for a second the c-ap that no one was willing to tell her anything; her future husband certainly could have at least, and presumably no one wanted a PR disaster on their hands.) Let’s get real here. She was a mid-thirties, divorced, TV actor few had ever heard of (I’d never had), and managed to meet the then future king’s younger son and must have thought marrying him could be the “role” of a lifetime well beyond any that would win an Oscar.

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It is worth pointing out amidst all the noise out there that for some reason it is also STILL unclear as to how and where and when they actually met. Most “ordinary” married couples remember their first meeting, but not it seems these two. Does “how” they did so embarrass her for some reason?

You would think how and where and when she had first encountered that prince would have made an UNFORGETTABLE and MASSIVE impression on her, yet by now it is also evident she glosses over and/or dances around personal info that somehow doesn’t quite fit her own self-desired life public narrative. (For example, by all pre-marriage accounts I had seen her father had by far the bigger place in her life than her mother from her teens through university; however she has since “fallen out” with him, so he is relegated now to bit player at best.) In their Netflix “infomercial,” the two say they “met” through Instagram, which is really hard to believe (The prince was scrolling Insta looking to meet a woman? Uh, huh.), but it does, one supposes, make them look young and modern and not old and stuffy. However, I recall reading some years ago that it had something to do with a charitable event in Canada for the Invictus Games; that a mutual acquaintance arranged a meeting after she had voiced interest – perfectly reasonably – in meeting him.

Note then that what we do know for sure is she cannot even be straightforward about how and where and when they met. If they both – presumably, he must have some recollection? – cannot be candid about that innocuous matter, it begs the far more serious question as to what else they are not being candid about and/or are remembering incorrectly or just plain misunderstood. To me, that has to be borne in mind when we are subjected to anything else they – she, in particular – has to say.

Also pretty obvious looking back now is she made little real effort (much beyond googling the words to God Save the Queen, evidently) to try to fit into what her role was actually going to real-life be. After the wedding hoopla subsided and “normal” married life began, she discovered that no matter what she could never be the leading lady (in their generation, that role belongs to the now Princess of Wales; she is married to the actual eventual heir to the throne), but was instead going to be spending the rest of her life quietly in the background doing patronage, cutting ribbons at new community centers, and getting maybe the occasional 30-second mentions on BBC local TV news. (“The Duchess of Sussex was today in Bicester, at the official opening of the solar panel electrified council offices and daycare and combined performing arts centre on the A41. The former actor smilingly pulled the switch, and there was solar-powered light, and the children’s faces also just lit up.”) Becoming the next generation’s version of the Countess of Wessex, who has been married since 1999 to (the now late) Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son, clearly did NOT appeal to her.

Unlike with an acting role, though, here she was “trapped.” She could not just walk off the set after it hit her that what was going to be required of her as a “third tier” royal could never match her ambitions was not what she wanted to do. With his support (as he clearly had his own issues), she then tried in early 2020 a version of an attention-grabbing “encore” (during which everyone was obviously supposed to be looking at her; yet how DARE anyone also be looking at her!).

However, that loudly publicly proclaimed “stepping back” (because everything for them had become just too publicly loud that they could endure it all no longer) was abruptly interrupted by, well, the world becoming a tad distracted by a pandemic.

A year later, and as the pandemic receded, the “big” Oprah Winfrey “interview” of 2021 was the first “post-stepping back” full effort to get across to us all about how she and the prince had been right (and righteous), and everyone else had misunderstood them, been wrong, and ugly, and pretty much out to get them. (It is also possible she had become depressed. She told Oprah and all of the rest of us we recall that about 6 months into the marriage she had wished she was no longer alive. That comment has it seems been allowed to be treated as a throwaway among all else that she “shares” about herself, but it should not be: Anyone truly suicidal needs true therapy.) Now, this Netflix “infomercial” is apparently 2022’s follow up effort.

I have read that she has said she dislikes one Donald J. Trump, and on that I can say many of us do agree with her. Yet a stopped clock, as is also said, is also right twice each day. Disturbingly, she also seems publicly rather similar to him: Relationships appear to be “transactional” (serve her well and fall at her feet and you are “in”; but if in her opinion you do not do so, you are cast “out” – ask, for instance, her father), and she whinges, lashes out, plays the victim, details how she is so misunderstood, etc., and talks and talks. As with “Dear Leader,” we end up numbed by it all and drowning in the torrent of words – often punctuated by a “sigh” – that ultimately take us nowhere but on to the next words.

After their act has finally turned completely stale because there is nothing really new to complain about (there is a limit to how many times you can go back to the same well, including even about his mother), the money to be made from such will diminish considerably. The younger generation will inevitably also start to see them as “old.” At some point, the cameras (that they both claim so intensely to dislike, while never avoiding jumping before them as long as they roll on entirely their own terms) will also begin to thin out and media (which they also profess to despise) will move on to new interests (such as the Prince and Princess of Wales’s children). No one stops time.

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Unless they divorce (which is certainly not impossible), most likely they will always be on a certain “social/charity/activist circuit” and will pop up here and there in major media, all while forever nursing a seemingly bottomless pit of grievances, much like more or less what ultimately became of his (briefly king) great-great-uncle and that great-great-uncle’s American (and also divorced) wife. The major difference between that great-great-uncle and his wife and them is the former, however, did not do “infomercials” and host podcasts and were scrupulously correct in public; their actual public utterances over the years were few and I am unaware of either of them ever jumping on a platform and publicly criticizing his brother (King George VI, whose 1895 birthday, interestingly, is today) or his niece (Queen Elizabeth II).

Indeed this Netflix “infomercial” series, in which these two go on and on and on and appear determined to trash pretty much everyone who they even think ever gave them so much as an insufficiently worshipful glance, is LONGER than adaptations of War and Peace. Even on here, I have devoted far too much time and space to this and to them. Enough already.

Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. 🙂

UPDATE: December 15:

P.S. I got several interesting private messages on my Instagram about this post. I want to add one thing. Based on what we know now, I believe most everything that has happened with them is rooted in this.

At the time of their marriage in 2018 the Queen should NOT have made them “duke” and “duchess.” They should have been made instead “earl” and “countess” – one “rung” lower, so to speak. That was where Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son, Edward, EARL of Wessex, and his wife, Sophie, COUNTESS, were within the royal family.

The Queen was too generous with the titling of “Meg” and “H” possibly out of kindness toward her grandson, and in recogition for all he had indeed been through in his life until then, and to show as well her confidence and endorsement of his “love match.” Unfortunately, whatever the reasons, that “higher” title gave especially the American and thoroughly ignorant actor newcomer Ms. Markle the wrongheaded notion that she was somehow potentially “equal” to her sister-in-law, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (at the time) and future Queen. Essentially, the instant Ms. Markle woke up “Duchess of Sussex” (a place I am sure she could not have pinpointed on an unmarked map prior to 2018), rather than “countess” (a “lower” title that would have made clear even to Ms. Markle of her “lower” status within the royal family), her “leading lady” ambitions truly kicked in and it has all gone downhill since.


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