Between The Rains

I was in the town centre mid-morning today. Between showers (the rain in recent days has often been absolutely drenching), I snapped a pic while standing on Anzac Street looking across Victoria Road (l) and Duke Street (r). Foss Street opposite is mostly pedestrianized:

[On Anzac Street, Dartmouth. Photo by me, November 15, 2022.]

Dartmouth is mostly decidedly (and seriously) narrow (even by English standards) streets, often first laid out many centuries before anyone had even imagined an automobile. Many of them are also by necessity two-way – which can make for interesting driving. Anzac Street, probably no wider in places than an American one-car driveway, is one-way… thank goodness. LOL!

In the U.S., double-yellow lines are painted down the center of a road and denote traffic moving in opposite directions and not to cross them to overtake. For my American friends and family (and others of any nationality) who may not know this, here in the UK they mean something totally different: “No parking.” They are drawn along curbs… and woe be the unwary motorist whose parked tire should touch one (and a traffic warden or camera notices).

A bit away in the direction of the harbor are the Royal Avenue Gardens. Taking advantage of the brief sunshine, I thought I’d have a walk through. I noticed the (now late) Queen’s 2012 Diamond Jubilee fountain seems to have been repaired after it had been vandalized over the summer:

As it is donated (and is therefore technically not the town’s), public contributions helped pay for the repair. Newly living here, we felt we ought to contribute something. We gave a little.

And I also noticed over the nearby war memorial…

[In The Royal Avenue Gardens, Dartmouth. Photo by me, November 15, 2022.]

…a rainbow.

That’s all for this post. Just that.

Hope you have been having a good day, wherever you are. 🙂

Further thoughts?

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