Eve Of Anarchy

A lighthearted post (about a, uh, “dark” issue). I have not done Halloween probably since my mid-teens. To me, Halloween is for kids.

[Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels.com.]

My Halloween as a kid was roaming our streets in suburban New York every 31st of October as darkness fell while wearing the “inventive” costume of a bedsheet with eyeholes cut into it (I was a ghost; tough to guess, eh?), alongside pals, all of us carrying eggs and shaving cream as we “trick or treated” to engage, when necessary, with similar age dimwits from neighboring areas and/or schools carrying their own eggs and shaving cream as if the world was briefly Lord of the Flies. (However, we never egged or creamed a girl unless she opened hostilities; we knew chivalry.) Adults HATED the day. But that adults disliked it so much was also the point…

Growing up, I NEVER saw an adult in my family wear a Halloween costume. Many newer adults, though, I suppose in my generation and those slightly younger, who refuse(d) to grow up and relinquish Halloween to their own kids, have since taken it away from the kids. The TV comedy Modern Family as I recall has an episode that perfectly demonstrates the “seizure” of the day by adults (who have rather adult “sexualized” it as well). Halloween is supposed to be about “anarchy,” and no one does anarchy better than kids… but we adults, of course, don’t like “anarchy,” really. (My father more than once found shaving cream in the mailbox by the road the next morning and that infuriated him.)

I tend to think of the “taming” of Halloween with adult-supervised kids’-parties and adult gatherings, etc., as falling roughly into much the same category as many adults (again, of my same generation and just younger) having decided they wanted to keep their childhood cycling on into adulthood and/or imagining they will make a “Tour de France” team. I blame Lance Armstrong a great deal, as well as the likes of Bradley Wiggins here in the UK, for creating hordes of adults – especially dudes – who impersonate them. So in the last couple of decades mainstream adults have similarly “seized” cycling from kids, too – with endless new laws/regulations, mega-expensive kit, and wearing Lycra.

[Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com.]

Kids being raised from now on will never know the “anarchy” too of what it is like freewheeling down a hill, helmet-less (I rode bicycles regularly on busy New York and Long Island streets from age 5 or so until about 17 and never once wore a helmet) on a road that crosses a train track and merges into a 55 MPH boulevard. LOL!

We adults ruin everything.

[Dartmouth, Devon, just before dawn this Halloween morning. Photo by me, October 31, 2022.]

Happy Halloween. LOL!