A Good Characterization

I received this Instagram message on Friday from a reader after I posted the same Devon sunrise pic to Insta that I had posted here in my “God Save the Queen” post:

[From my Instagram messages.]

I replied:

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If you too have read any of those three novels, you may also understand why.

If you have not, the main reason is pretty simple…

[A “1791” scene from Conventions: The Garden At Paris (2017). For iPhone/IPad. Click to expand.]

…They were not “simple” novels to write, took me six years to complete (each one was probably the equivalent of two shorter novels – so those three books were probably more like six), and above all took a lot out of me mentally.

I do not plan them to be, but I would not be too upset if they turned out to be the conclusion of my writing career and I never completed another book.

She came back again later:

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She had inadvertently reminded me there that a story idea might be a good one, but it is the characters who make it truly come alive. We tend I believe to focus on characters even more than the story itself. Indeed, how often do we see on social media readers talking about how much they “love” and/or “hate” this character or that one?

Since creating memorable and realistic characters is always one of my major aims, I replied once more thanking her again – and for especially raising the “character development” point.

She answered with this:

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As you see I blacked out several “spoilers” in that message. Had I not done so, characters she mentions would have given away the ending of that novel… and indeed of that trilogy series. LOL!

[From the Capture The Cause introductory pages. Photo by me, September 12, 2022.]

That series is finished, and this is the first time since 2016 that I am starting a novel with entirely new characters amidst a brand new tale. What I am especially trying to do now is to concoct those few characters who will be the most important to the story. I feel if I get those right, they will go a long way to making the book.

Have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. 🙂