From The New “Writing Nook”

Yesterday, I started to organize the garden house, which will be my office – what the Mrs. calls the “writing nook” – at our new home.

What looked like this around lunchtime…

[“Before…”: Around midday yesterday in the new “outdoor” office. Photo by me, September 7, 2022.]

…looked like this by later afternoon:

[…And “After.” Photo by me, September 7, 2022.]

Having unpacked some books and generally better-ordered the office so it is now functional, I sat back and snapped part of the view from the desk:

[The view from the desk. Photo by me, September 7, 2022.]

I have a good idea of what my next novel will be, and I have begun outlining it. I just have to start really writing it. Frankly, I have not done much not only because of the house move but also because I am rather mentally exhausted by the last three novels and I have needed a rest.

Due to those books (and the previous three), I have had this blog since December 2013. Its appearance coincided with the publication of my first novel.

That first novel seems both like yesterday and like a very long time ago. Nine years is an ETERNITY on the net. I have more or less posted (or tried to) at least once a week for nearly a decade now.

[From Instagram.]

Says that Instagram post: “Two Types Of Books: Ones I have to force myself to read, & ones that I have to force myself to stop.”

Every author should (at least I believe) keep that in mind, and aim to write the latter for readers.

[Photo by me, September 7, 2022.]

I always also keep “classics” within sight when I write. I do so at least in part as a reminder of something else I aim for. I know I will probably never come close to the likes of any of those, but I do my best…

Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. 🙂