Hi everyone. I have been quiet on here for the last week because on Thursday we moved out of our (now former) house from Potton. Arriving here at our new home around midday Friday, we have since then spent the weekend mostly… unpacking:

[The new kitchen, as it looked on Friday afternoon, August 12, 2022.]

Even after two and a half days of going at it, while things are looking much less chaotic this morning – the kitchen is now about finished and other rooms are in much better shape – we are of course STILL up to our eyeballs in boxes and related things to sort out.

We are now living in Dartmouth, in the southwest – and we hope for a long time to come. We had wanted to move back generally to the southwest area for some time – and especially starting thinking about doing it after my mother-in-law died in October 2021 and there was after that nothing really keeping us near London any longer. We had lived near Bournemouth for about a decade and enjoyed it a lot there; but you can never “go back” in life, of course, and we decided to try somewhere new.

We love this town. It is not far from Greenway – Agatha Christie’s longtime home. This is the view at about 6:40 this morning from our house as the sun rises – over to Kingwear, just across the River Dart:

[Looking toward Kingswear, across the River Dart. Photo by me, this morning.]

I wanted to try to catch those trees on the ridge as they were silhouetted against the sunrise.

A neighbor (I zoomed in a bit for the pic) just below us across the road has solar panels as you see. We inherited solar panels on our roof, too. While we had solar for hot water over in the Catskills, here we have them for electric.

[The greenhouse, photo by me.]

On a new front, we have also inherited a large, well-equipped greenhouse standing just outside of the kitchen. The previous owners were obsessive gardeners and in particular fruit cultivators. In it there are, for example, butternut squash growing.

However, I have not been a gardener; and we did not buy this house for the greenhouse. I can kill a house plant just by looking at it with a watering can. Fortunately, given how things are here, the Mrs is much better than I am.

The greenhouse at least has an electric-powered irrigation system that catches rainwater and a timer that runs the system automatically to water the plants. (The previous owners – the man was in his mid-80s – explained it to me after we had agreed the house purchase with him and his wife.) After having inspected the setup closely on Friday as we moved in, I could only laugh to myself as I recalled the Duke of Wellington’s dry comment he had offered in response to an aide who had made a farming reference: “If there is one thing about which I know positively nothing,” the Duke said, “it is agriculture.”

Next up, today, as we continue to settle in – and importantly for me – are the home offices for the Mrs and myself:

[The next challenge. Photo by me, Sunday.]

Have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. 🙂


  1. My congratulations, dear Robert! I wish you more inspiration, nice tea times & more best sellers coming from your new home. Besides, now you are settling in such an important writing place.
    Greetings from Paris,
    Maria ☕🍰🎉🎉🎉✨✨✨☺

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