A New Home

We are now back here in Potton after two weeks about 250 miles away in Devon. We were down there because we wish to relocate from here about an hour north of London. After an at times discouraging search – house hunting currently is definitely a sellers’ market (too many potential buyers chasing too few homes) – at last we found one and had an offer accepted.

It has been a busy year. In April, we sold our Catskills house we had built in New York in 2009. For some weeks now we have also had a prospective buyer for our house here in Potton, and assuming that sale happens we will be moving to that new home in Dartmouth, Devon, probably by early August.

Our future (hopefully) home is visible on the shore in that pic above I took a few days ago from the other side of the River Dart.

Dartmouth, on the west side of the river, and its eastern side smaller neighbor from where I took the above photo, Kingswear, is a sailing center:

It is also, uh, awash (pun intended) in history…

Beneath the name of that hotel – that overlooks the river and harbor – it says: “This Old Coaching Inn Has Been Famous Since Drake First Sailed.”

Its streets down along the harbor and for a few streets up and back, are narrow having been built in a time before anyone gave a thought to the automobile…

Fortunately, from our future (hopefully) home we can walk to that street, and to everywhere else in the town.

We did not plan to move to Dartmouth specifically. After my mother’s-in-law’s death in October, we had started to think about returning to the southwest. We had lived in Dorset (the county just to the east of Devon) for many years near Bournemouth and had loved living there.

We had considered returning to Dorset. Always in the back of our minds, though, was the old line: “You can never go back.” So we thought it was best to try somewhere new.

Unrelatedly, but importantly for me, after spending some days in Dartmouth I think I feel a new novel coming on, too. 😉

Hope you are having a good weekend, wherever you are. 🙂


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