Unexpected Outreach

We are currently staying in a holiday rental in southwest England, not far from Torquay.

[In our holiday rental, Marldon, Devon. Photo by me, May 14, 2022.]

There are likely (pleasant) life changes on the horizon for us. I will of course let you in on them when I know for certain.

We were out and about yesterday in nearby Dartmouth…

[Britannia Naval College. Dartmouth, Devon. Photo by me, May 16, 2022.]

…and I snapped that (I was not driving) as we came off the small car ferry over the River Dart while looking back at the Britannia Royal Naval College. That was where, it is said, the current Queen Elizabeth II, back at age 13, first encountered her future husband, Prince Philip.

As we are meandering around down in these parts, I must admit I am enjoying my writing break. However, just because you as a writer are not writing does not mean readers are not reading what you have already written – sometimes written years before. If your books are out there, anyone may at any time find one and read it and at that point that book is of course brand new to them.

My (now late) uncle told me he avoided reading his book reviews. (His agent, he joked, did that reading.😂) He had asserted he believed they were not for him as the author, but for readers. That was some 25 years ago.

I never forgot that comment. Remembering that from him, I do NOT as a rule now read my own reviews or cite them. I leave it to readers perhaps to “debate” my novels as they so choose “among themselves” – because everyone is entitled to their opinion.

However, when a reader reaches out to me directly, that is a different story…

[A reader DM, May 15, 2022.]

It is perhaps even special. So I feel it is not inappropriate to share this Instagram DM to me from one Black – I identify her as such only because it is relevant to better understand the message – reader the other day with you all.

I have already thanked her. She floored me with that.😊

And seeing that from any reader always helps make what you do as a writer feel worthwhile.

Have a good day, wherever you are. 🙂