Glimpses Of The Past Country… In The Present Day

The other day I recalled this I wrote only a few months ago, which is in the new novel…

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…when I happened to see pop up in my Instagram this rubbish from this “millennial” himself (I believe he is in his late 30s) idiot, which now comes all too commonly from too many men of late:

[From a member of the U.S. House, on Twitter recently.]

If you think that empty suit (to be kind) tweeting that in 2022 is appalling, pause for a second and consider this.

1) Even the thought of a man with that attitude possessing power over women is chilling and becomes even more so when one realizes he actually HAS some power. (A man who is also still reportedly under investigation too, remember, for sex trafficking.) Given his mouth in 2022, just try to imagine what even white women (then with few rights beyond those of a minor and unable to vote) endured from men such as him back in “1822” – when men (such as him) had it nearly all their way in law (written entirely by white men such as him). And let’s not even try to guess how if “all powerful” he might have behaved if he had *owned* any enslaved (Black) women.

2) There is no such thing as especially a woman being ”over-educated” and only an obnoxious and “under-educated” man in 2022 would say that there is. Anyone with any historical knowledge knows that most women until about the last 150 years ago in Europe and in America often could barely read and write. Their social ”worth” revolved primarily around their bearing children and in being subservient to men, and obviously both of those as demonstrated above basically sum up that individual’s view of women as properly best being kept as ignoramuses and reduced to child-bearers who exist to do men’s (his) bidding. (Although obviously he does not want women political “allies” to know that. It is still 2022 and not “1822” any longer. Women do vote and do have adult legal rights now, and therefore his type does need *some* women’s support at the ballot box.)

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What that demonstrates to me, yet again, sadly, is how we have managed somehow to become I feel in too many ways an even more coarse and ugly U.S. society than we were even “two centuries” ago – which is quite a feat, really, considering things were pretty coarse and ugly even back then.

Anyway, I hope you are having a good day, wherever you are in the world.