Ramble (9 April 2022)

The Mrs. is still “positive.” It remains, she says, much like an annoying light cold…that now is lingering a bit longer than a “regular” cold.

FULLY VACCINATED – three shots – she has had pretty much the same MINOR and HOME TREATABLE symptoms (runny nose, some sneezing, a brief temperature that dropped back to normal) for exactly a week now. She is resting, drinking lots of water, and taking – as recommended for this – the occasional paracetamol.

As of yesterday evening, I am still “negative…”

[Photo by me, April 8, 2022.]

…and I am not writing a book just now either.

So as we try to be responsible and “stay in” while the Mrs is “positive,” I am doing some “relaxing reading…”

…Uh, that is, yes, relaxing reading for me. 😉

What every author looks forward to happening to them! LOL!

Oh, and you probably wish this were not true: I have more time for this site now, too!

* * *

Oh, yes, I have wanted to mention this. I have noticed in recent months quite a few sp@m blogs following me and/or “liking ” my posts. That nonsense has become all too commonplace on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but now it seems to have more greatly “infected” here, too.

[From my email, April 8, 2022.]

Example: “Wealth” is now following me. Uh, huh. There has always been some of that on here, but WordPress had (I felt) mostly avoided having too much of that junk polluting the platform. What makes that stuff worse here is unlike on Twitter or Instagram there seems zero one can do about being “liked” by what is obviously a sp@m blogger. Sure, it is possible to “remove” a sp@m follower (such as that one above), but I have not found a way yet to “remove” a sp@m “like” to a post. (If you know how to do it, please leave a comment below.)

I don’t know what has changed here that we see so many more sp@m blogs, but I wanted to share that with you if you blog on this platform just in case you had noticed this trend, too. Yes, there is definitely more junk out there trying to “cling” onto legitimate sites in order to attract “clicks” over to whatever the junk blog is pushing. Please be mindful of that if you click around among WordPress blogs now.

* * *

While we are talking about social media, there is this social media and writers’ issue. This is not actually all that new. Publishers and agents want writers to be “active” on social media:

[From Twitter.]

As newly published in 2013, the first thing I did was to create this blog – that has been my “online home” since. However, Twitter is probably the easiest to use social media platform. You probably know it and may even have your own account there: You need only to post some short “tweets” now and then. You don’t need to be a “19 year old woman” dancing around (TikTok). You don’t need to take great photographs or be personally photogenic (Instagram – I do okay there, despite rarely taking fantastic pics and not being wildly “photogenic”). There is no need either to have to write a lot (such as on Facebook or Tumblr or even on a blog/site like this one).

So lots of new writers without any other social media presence seem now to head first to Twitter. The reason publishers/agents like writers to be on social media is simply this: You as the author can do their marketing work for them. As for Twitter, many also seem to think “10,000” or more followers means “something.” Assuming publishers and agents use social media too, one would think they would realize that, for example, Twitter is so full of bots and inactive accounts (like mine there now) that follower numbers over there often mean little.

When I tried to use Twitter as an author, I found most of the tweeting writers there I encountered to be varyingly self-centered, flippant, morose, and worst of all even f-cking snide. I learned there was no point “engaging” with most of them. Their timelines are also often dull self-promos and too many of them seem to spend way too much time trying to be witty and not nearly enough time well-crafting their actual books – but naturally that latter is done alone with no one looking, so it is understandable that may take a “back seat” too often to attention-seeking on Twitter. (Whenever I read their published books’ free samples usually what I read was honestly not very good: I would not have paid money for such books.) Most importantly, I realized actual potential readers were few at best. I get much more “engagement” on here – meaning actual readers – and even through Instagram, than I ever got on Twitter.

For me, Twitter proved a tremendous waste of my time – and tweeting takes a lot more of one’s time than the occasional blog post or the occasional Instagram pic.

* * *

A more pleasant matter:

[From my Instagram messages.]

I do not actually autograph books. It is obviously impractical signing a paperback as the paperback you purchase never passes through my hands and facilitating a signing through the mail is absurdly expensive. Also obviously signing does not work – LOL! – with a Kindle…

[From Capture The Cause, on Kindle. Photo by me, 2022.]

Indeed, I hope you do follow that reasoning and understand my points there.

I am not important. You don’t need my signature on anything. I hope you just enjoy my books.

However, if I ever do become “huge,” believe me if you wish I will somehow sign books for those of you who knew me here “before I became really big.” 😉

Have a good, wherever you are. 🙂


UPDATE: I have hidden the web “likes” on this post for the time being.


  1. Hoping Mrs will get well soon! Thank you for sharing your insight about social media and Twitter. I don’t use them a lot, being very private and shy and also not having a lot of time those last 3 years! Social media are so time-consuming. But I can tell, you have to be an “influencer” or have a big community in order to have a publisher looking at your writing. Last summer, a producer told me : I love your writings! keep going! write more ….but you won’t be successful if you are now “known”…

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    • Thank you! I figured eventually one or both of us would get this stupid germ, and it finally happened. I know too – all of this social media for writers is both a distraction and a necessity. I do my best to try to balance the two, but it’s not easy. LOL!

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