Deranged And Criminal

How we decide whom to follow on social media is often a matter of amusing chance. For example, a mutual follow of mine on Instagram shared a post a few weeks ago from an actor in which she is costumed – full wig, dress, etc., – in a supporting role she has in a soon-to-be released production of a late-1700s-set television series. Well, you know me by now, I’m sure: Of course THAT was going to get my attention. 🙂

I then followed her. Since then, I have seen her posts and stories are often of acting and similar, and some personal stuff. Mostly about what you would expect. Including the likes of this story this morning:

[From Instagram Stories, March 18, 2022.]

Pardon me as this post now becomes extremely serious. In fact, I hesitate to go here. However, after some thinking about this I believe this needs stating unequivocally and is more than worth a post because it is an ugly issue that simply cannot be ignored. (She certainly could not just ignore it – and she is hardly alone in that.)

Yesterday, after a story she shared about roller skating (yes, really), I saw this from her suddenly appear in her stories. I was SHOCKED and DISGUSTED when she revealed what had been sent to her. And it was not the first time:

[From Instagram, March 17, 2022.]

She is decrying receiving another unsolicited pic through Instagram private messages from an unknown man who exposed himself. She shares further screenshots of that latest man’s words to her trying to explain why he had done so. It is s-it we know that goes on way too often through social media.

I cannot even begin to try to explain the motivations for such appalling male misbehavior other than the man is deranged and criminal. (Behaving that way on a street is an offense for which one faces arrest and jail time everywhere I know of in the world.) The only thing I can suggest a woman do if you find yourself the victim of such is to report that to Instagram or the other social media platform. Depending on where you live, you are probably able to report it to police as well – and if you can, you should.

Men who do that sort of s-it online somehow seem to think a private account or posting under a fake name “hides” their identity. They are idiots in that sense too. A social media platform like Instagram or Twitter knows exactly who we all are and police can easily find any of us and knock on our door.

I share that here only because her account and stories are open to the public, and she also shared that with a public site devoted to fighting back against such filthy and harassing behavior.

[Photo by Pixabay on]

Women often ask online and elsewhere why men do not take action against other men who behave this way. All I can say is that, speaking only for myself as a man, I do NOT have male friends who do that sort of thing… WHO I KNOW OF. If I discovered one was he would get a monumental f-cking telling off and we would no longer be friends – and I would report him to the police.

Be careful out there, and try to have a good day, wherever you are.


  1. This is a phenomenon that has appeared in social media over the last 7 years. It’s sad to say that even men who are not trying to offend show themselves as though their anatomy has somehow changed and it must be shared. It’s so very small minded of the individual, so very small indeed!

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