Stuck In “Absolutely Nowhere”

I took this pic of a blue English sky back on Friday:

[Photo by me, February 25, 2022.]

I then stuck a TV program quote on it. Then I put it in my Instagram Stories. Why?

You may know how Stories work: they are visible for only 24 hours, so are useful for sharing quick updates that will not “clutter” your followers’ normal photo feeds.

I see viewing my Stories now possibly more regularly than ever before also several followers from Belarus and Ukraine. It struck me that when they have been watching my Stories over the years (they are not new followers), they see inside my home, office, kitchen, garden, bits of holidays, etc. They see my family. They see my lovely dog (no longer with us). And in turn I have seen some of their lives – homes, dogs, families, children, holidays, etc.

If we think about it, it is odd in allowing what are strangers to peep into our lives… but after enough time and mutual exchanges they may in a way therefore cease to be strangers. Suddenly, though, now it feels different than ever and far more personal. These last few days I find I am trying to post Stories I don’t normally do – I’m there as a here, as an author – and share info they in Putin’s megalomaniacal path may not see elsewhere…

[From my Instagram Stories, February 27, 2022.]

…and I feel if they keep coming back (as one just did from Kharkiv again early this morning), I must be doing something right.

I also realize I dread noticing they (now friends in a sense) don’t watch my Stories any longer… and I see too maybe their accounts have disappeared.

In The West Wing US television show, frustrated over his inability to do something about a life or death situation because of political roadblocks, Rob Lowe’s character, presidential adviser “Sam Seaborn,” declares to his boss, the US President’s Chief of Staff: “There are times when we are absolutely nowhere.” That sums up my feelings now.

Watching a bigger authoritarian bully hurling missiles at and rampaging through the streets of a smaller democratic neighbor is difficult to do. I can neither look away nor really do anything. I know many of you on here feel the same way.


To conclude, this point needs evidently to be made about domestic American politics and so-called “conservatives.” There has not been nearly enough discussion of this. There should be:

[From my Instagram Stories, February 26, 2022.]

Be aware if you spend evenings watching Tucker Carlson (or similar) on Fox News Channel (FNC), I suggest you would be better off painting your lounge. In doing that latter, you would be at least accomplishing something worthwhile. For if Ronald Reagan could come back and see what has become of so many of his once formerly wide-eyed youthful admirers who are now cozying up to and twisting themselves into knots to try to come up with excuses for Putin, Reagan would have frankly disowned the lot of ’em.