On The Gulf

Surprise again!

[Photo by me, December 10, 2021 – Florida, USA, time. From my Instagram Stories.]

We left chilly and snowy New York from Albany Airport early on December 7…

[Albany Airport (NY). Photo by me. December 7, 2021.]

…and being me, of course lighthearted reading material is required on any plane trip:

[Reading material. Albany Airport. Photo by me. December 7, 2021.]

By evening we had flown to Fort Myers, Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico coast, en route here to Sanibel Island.

[Approaching Sanibel Island, Florida. Photo by me. (I was not driving.) December 7, 2021.]

With her mum’s death in October and all that went on there in previous months (and has gone on since), my wife desperately needed and deserved a vacation – so we are here for about 10 days before we return to New York and then head to Pennsylvania for Christmas with my father.

[Sanibel Island. Photo by me. December 8, 2021.]

We have been north of here to Anna Maria Island – near Tampa – many times in the last twenty years. But this is our first time here…

[Pelicans. Sanibel Island. Photo by me. December 8, 2021.]

…and fortunately, of course, the pelicans are here, too. I love them. I think they are just a hilarious bird – and one can waste endless time watching them.

[Revising and editing. Photo by me. December 8, 2021.]

But I do have a novel still to finish, of course. I am going at it every free moment I have. That effort is helped along with the likes of Instagram messages such as this one from the other day:

[From my Instagram Stories, December 8, 2021.]

I won’t share more because there are SPOILERS from her in the rest of her private message. 😉

About the soon-to-be new one, amidst some places mentioned for geographical purposes, here’s a hint of what is coming at least locations-wise:

[Europe 1806-1815. Free blank map. Public domain. Locations by me.]

That map will appear in the new novel (Kindle and paper). It is my first map in a novel. One may prove extra-useful this time because this is probably my most geographically “complicated” novel of my most recent three.

Early yesterday, I also briefly thought that I have stumbled on the title for a new book: The Fog Of Sanibel:

[The fog of Sanibel. On the beach. Photo by me. December 9, 2021.]

I have no idea what the story is about. I have only that title. LOL!

Because that fog rolled in here yesterday morning and stuck around all day, we headed for the nearby outlets to do some Christmas shopping…

[Miromar Outlets. Photo by me. December 8, 2021.]

In one store, as we paid, the Latina woman behind the register, chatting with my wife, and obviously mishearing my wife’s accent (and my wife’s face naturally hidden behind a mask) somehow thought my wife was a Latina.

My wife turned to me and thought it was hilarious. I had to agree. In fact I could only think: My wife is about the least “Latina” of any woman ever. LOL!

I also have to say that hearing Christmas music – “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…” – on the radio and in shops… while it is 90F outside is hilarious too.

The fog is supposed to lift today, but predictions are predictions. We will see if it is accurate. (No pun intended. LOL!) Hope you are having a good day, wherever you are. 🙂